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Ако искате да научите повече за новия вариант на изпита ‪#SAT, който ще се използва в България от май 2016г, можете да следите информацията за ‪#‎Redesigned‬ #SAT в сайта на ACC.

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The 2016 #SAT infographic.
The #SAT is undergoing some major changes in 2016. Check out our infographic on the top 10 changes.

Two men leave a place with an interval of 't' between them. They arrive at one end of a bridge of length 'L' with time interval of 'T' and reach the other end of the bridge at the same time. Find the ratio of their speeds. How far is the nearer end of the bridge from their starting point?

Can anyone please solve this question?? Its a SAT practice question.

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Definitely worth the read.
If you or somebody you know is taking the #SAT   in 2016, this is worth checking out:
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