Within the snowy north of Valkenheim, a crusader marches along the snowy path, his army close behind him. The snow fell heavily, not to a point of blowing them away, but enough to cloud their vision, like a thick fog. He held his great sword in hand, gantlet clenched tightly around the blade to keep it secure. They've been trekking for almost four months now, stopping only on occasion to rest or hunt. Many of the soldiers were on the verge of collapsing, but refused to let themselves do so in the name of their queen, whom they worked so hard to appease. They hoped this crusade would be worth all the pain and anguish.
But by God, they were finally there. The warden leading the charge climbed over a hill, stopping to survey the area before him. It was a massive plateau found within a rocky valley, a river streaming northwards. And to the north about seven furlongs away was the fortress they had worked so hard to get to, rising high and a black shape in the snowy air. The Warden gave a smile, and signalled his troops to stop
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Name: Jean Concorde
Age: 32
Class: Warden
Basic Bio: I come from a humble enough background. Basic if anything. My father was a high warden for the King of Dracos Vire, and the kings highest commander. After seeing my father take on practically an entire raid with only himself and twelve other brave warriors at the age of twelve, I sought to dedicate my life to following the way of the sword and in my fathers footsteps. And I've succeeded at that thus far, serving as the current queens highest warden and among her own personal thirteen warriors. My greatest strengths is when I lead crusades for great artifacts,( so basically attacking.)
General Code of Honor: Fight with honor. No more, no less.
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