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3rd Tuesday Lunch is next week. Google + isn't letting me set up an event for a community so I am just posting this.

We will be meeting at noon at El Queztal at 5 North Main (Boomers building)

If you want to get more reliable reminders of the lunches you can join the group on Meetup, it overlaps with an evening meeting that happens once a month as well so you might get one extra reminder a month.

We talked a bit today about lunch locations and schedule for this year. We are going to try switching things up a bit and try Tuesdays for awhile. Hopefully that works better for people. We will be doing the next lunch on January 17th at El Quetzal in the Boomers building. I will send out the event a week before.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Code Camp is coming up next week. Check it out if you haven't already.

Is there anyone that would be interested in some shared office space here in Cedar. Opportunity to get out of a home office or just have another place to be sometimes. If so please let me know we have a potential location.

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I have a client who needs a shipping calculator to work with multiple shipping APIs. I believe he wants it as a stand alone service. I'm way backlogged so I can't help him. He needs it done by July 1. All his work has been in PHP/MySQL. Let me know if you would be interested. He pays well.

Anyone have any experience with TeslaCrypt ransom-ware? I have a client that has a server infected and needs to decrypt their files. I get the impression they don't have a backup.

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Should have posted earlier, but Code camp is next week if you hadn't heard.  Last minute tickets look like they are going today

I have an immediate need for a Junior to mid-level Rails developer that can commit to 10 - 20 hours a week.  Anyone interested or know of someone?

i have a season pass to Brian head for sale if anyone is interested or knows someone who might be interested I am selling it for $200 O.B.O.
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