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Hello everyone! Welcome to the UK Start-Up Collective.

This is a community for everyone, but is specifically aimed at those who are a start-up UK business looking for some help, tips and ideas (as well as news relating to UK businesses).

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Service with a smile: how to keep customers coming back

"Loyal customers are hard won, and easily lost. But there are simple and effective ways to encourage repeat custom. Staff training, loyalty schemes and customer reviews were some points for discussion in our live Q&A on the secrets to customer loyalty."

This is a really helpful article by Emma Featherstone via The Guardian, looking at how you can keep customers coming back for more.

#SmallBusiness #BusinessTips

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Investors WANTED to reject this Startup 100 times over

"Thrive Map are on a mission to connect with 100 different suitable investors who despite having the capacity to invest in their business, just don't want to. They want every ‘NO’ and subsequent rejection to come with a reason why they just ain't good enough to gain seed funding. They have even set up a website where they plead for rejections to be submitted."

This is an article by +Startacus looking at Thrive Map, who have made themselves known after they decided to set up a website listing all of the "no's" they get from investors... aiming for at least 100 rejections...

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HubSpot’s Playbook for Going From Startup to Scale-up

"I consider a scale-up as a company that is in this third phase. Pouring resources in fast and getting a big return on them without the wheels coming off the bus.

In HubSpot’s case, it took us about 1 year to get through phase 1. It took about 6 years to get through phase 2. We’ve been in phase 3 for about 2 years. Why did it take us so darn long to get through phase 2? What playbook eventually worked to get ourselves into phase 3? That’s the point of this article."

This is an inspiring article by Brian Halligan, CEO of +HubSpot via Think Growth looking into the 3 different decisions you could make when going from a startup to a scale-up.

#StartUp #ScaleUp #Business #Growth

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Rivalry can bring out the best in a startup

"You’re about to launch your new business when you find a rival with an almost identical idea. How do you respond? Give up? Rethink it? Or race to be the first to market?"

This is a superb article by Alison Coleman via The Guardian, looking at how you can use strong competition to your advantage as a startup.

#Startup #Business

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The Skills You Need to Succeed Start in Your Head

"Stress impacts the team at every level in an early-stage startup — from the CEO to the newest hire. Amongst co-founders using, we found that 71 percent identified ‘stress’ as a key challenge for them. Additionally, 57 percent identified ‘anxiety’ as their leading challenge."

This is a fantastic article by +TechStars looking at anxiety in the world place as we continue to investigate mental health during this Mental Health Awareness Month.

#MentalHealth #Business #Startup

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London-based VC Notion Capital raised 2 new funds that total £167 million

"The VC, which focuses on backing enterprise software and cloud companies, announced on Tuesday that it has closed a new $80 million (£60 million) growth equity fund to back later stage startups with, and a $140 million (£107 million) venture fund to back early stage startups."

Notion Capital are a London-based venture capital firm that backs startups across Europe... and they've just raised £167 million for their efforts.

#Business #Venture #Capital #Startups

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Trademark registration in the UK, a simple step-by-step guide

"Registering a trademark is one of the most effective ways you can protect your name, brand and work. Regarding intellectual property protection, there’s not much that can beat registering a trademark correctly, yet many people struggle with the process on the intellectual property office website in the UK and end up turning to a lawyer even for simple applications."

This is a very helpful guide by +Entrepreneur Handbook on how to register your own trademark when your business is based in the UK.

#Business #BusinessTips #Trademarks #Startups

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