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I'm using RootsMagic but had a question that I haven't been able to resolve yet. I am working on a friend's family tree, and her father had relationships with some women outside of marriage and had children with these women. RootsMagic seems to want to force them all to be spouses, but is there a way to separate out illegitimate pairings that produced children from ones within marriage? And is there a way to change labels to things such as biological father or partner from father/spouse?

I have both a Rootsmagic database and a rootsmagic togo. I've made changes on my database that i have backedup which were in error so I'd like to have togo go to my hard drive but it will only allow me to go from harddrive to togo. How can I get it to bring my togo to the database.

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Gilly Wood, I have clicked on the G+1 which may help you.

Mike O-1706

I have 3 individuals all the same person, how do I merge all 3 into 1 person

I have more than one tree on My Heritage. I only want Roots Magic to access the one that is relevant, but it is accessing a tree that I do not want it to. How to I make Roots Magic connect to the tree I want it to connect to?

I made a wall chart online for my grandson, BUT it has an RMG extension. My grandson does not have RootsMagic. Is there any way he can print it?

I am hoping to convert my TMG datasets - all 40 of them- to Rootsmagic.

Has anyone have a method to avoid the clunky Gedcom and get it done using the import and export facilities of both programs?

Thanks. John

I am using RootsMagic 7 on a Mac. It freezes when I clic on the tree for Ancestry or Family Search. I shut down the Mac, turn it on again, go into an indivudal's space then back out, click on the tree and it works fine. Does wine have anything to do with the freeze? If so, would parallels work more efficiently? Years ago I used Parallels on my Mac laptop in the days of PAF and it worked like a charm

How do I attach online information, such as census files, to my Roots Magic Tree?

I was using Generations 5 Easy Tree. I created a GEDCOM file and moved it to the latest version of Rootsmagic. Everything came over including misc. notes but not the other "notes" I wrote under the headings of census, military, etc. even though they were options from a drop down in Generations. Anyone else experience other notes not coming over or how to solve it.
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