Can I create a PDF of my family tree? If yes, how?

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I am using Rootsmagic 6, changed my laptop and has windows 8. When I do a relationship chart it comes out with the writing very small. I can't edit it or do it bigger. It has to do with windows? What can I do?

All genealogy programs have their good and bad points, I started with a PAF program from Latter Day Saints  back in 1976 and my RadioShack Tandy EX.  From their I progresssed to Family Tree Maker (FTM), but my current favorite of the past decade has been RootsMagic.  Very user friendly and easy to manage; however, when I merged files I get several individuals who are now in my database many times.   Seems the more I go into merge the more people i get - anyone else get this?  Is there an easy way to manage this?

I have 1 person in my tree that has conflicting information on who is parents are how would you add these conflicting parents until you prove the correct ones

Drag and drop is not drag and dropping. It used to work great. Am I missing a step, or is it a bug in the new version? My mouse seems to work fine on everything else. I am trying to move one branch of a family from my main file to another roots magic file.

I remain confused about the search function, Surname Date in RM7.  I would appreciate a description of how it should be used.  

I am new to RM 7.
I wanted to load a backup of my FTM 2010 file but that does not seem to be supported.
I was able to load a GEDcom file but lose the pictures when I do that.
Do I need a specific version of GEDcom file to load media?
Will RM7 eventually support loading from newer FTM versions?

This morning there was a notice about an RM update.  Now, it's gone and checking for updates tells me I have the latest.  What's going on?  My current version is (8 Dec 2014).

How do I get my RootsMagic 5 to open .rmgb files?  I thought those WERE RootsMagic files.  How do I convert them?
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