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Hello everyone!
Hope you're having a wonderful summer and almost ready to schedule some Mystery Hangouts for the new school year. Yeah, it's coming.

FYI: Please look at the left column and post under the relevant geographical area and time zone for maximum chances of getting noticed.

Also, please invite BIG FUN Education to a few Mystery Hangouts. I love seeing students interact this way :D

Bye for now.

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Hello! My 6th grade classes are looking to experience several Google Hangouts. We have been working on geographical locations and would like to guess your state and possibly city if time permits. If interested, please add your information to the attached document. Please email me at laverne.williams@lsr7 if you have any questions.

Anyone available Wed. or Thurs. (10/24 or 10/25) from 2:35pm CST - 3:00pm CST for a Mystery Hangout?? 4th Grade class in St. Louis, MO. Thanks!

Email me at

Hello! I am new to Mystery Hangouts, but want to try one with my interns class. We are a 5th grade class looking to try this out on October 30th at 10:15MST. If you are interested, please let me know. We are in Utah. Can't wait to join the club.

Good morning!

Is anyone interested in doing a mystery hangout with a fourth grade class from New Jersey on Nov 1st, at 12:25 pm, ET? Please contact me directly at

Looking forward to it :)

Hello, I am a grade 5 teacher in Victoria, BC, Canada. My students are learning about world governments. Would anyone like to do a mystery hangout? Best time is 8:30 - 10:10 am PST.

Hello, I am a 6th grade Language Arts teacher. My classes are reading Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, and I would like to find a class in Canada to do a Mystery Hangout. We could meet from 11:00-12:20 CST, for a 20 minute block. Anyone interested? We are located in Wichita, KS.

Hi everyone. My name is Florencia Giraud, I´m the coordinator of International Relations of the Ministry of Education of Tucuman, Argentina. We work as a nexus between schools abroad and our schools (public or private), when planning Mystery Hang Outs or Skype. The Mystery Hang Out has to be in spanish, but there could be few exchanges in english. If you are interested please send me an email to

Looking for HS grades (9-12) to do a mystery hangout the week of November 5th or 12th with our Spanish IV students. Mountain Time Zone 9:00-9:45am and 1:45-2:30pm. We prefer to connect with Spanish speaking students in either Latin or South America. Contact me directly at

4th Grade class in St. Louis, MO. (CST) looking for classes to Mystery Hangout with 10/24 11:45am-12:15 and another class looking for 2:35-3:00pm (CST). These will be their first Mystery Hangouts! Email me at

Thank you!
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