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Hello everyone!
Hope you're having a wonderful summer and almost ready to schedule some Mystery Hangouts for the new school year. Yeah, it's coming.

FYI: Please look at the left column and post under the relevant geographical area and time zone for maximum chances of getting noticed.

Also, please invite BIG FUN Education to a few Mystery Hangouts. I love seeing students interact this way :D

Bye for now.

Hi! I'm new to this but I am a Spanish teacher in Hawaii that would love to do a mystery hangout with a group in a Spanish speaking country! 

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We are looking for 5th-grade classes who would like to meet for Mystery Hangouts or Skype. Please sign up on our Google Doc. We are on Central Standard Time and from Missouri. We can be flexible on our time. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Anyone have plans for Read Across America day on the March 2nd? thought it would be pretty cool to LITERALLY read across America with another class. I'm a tech coach in Missouri (Central Time) and I would love to set something up if anyone is interested.

5th grade classroom in Minnesota looking to do a Mystery Hangout or Skype in the next couple of weeks. Please email me @ if any of the blocks (30 minutes) below work for your classroom!

Wed. Mar. 8 10:00-10:30 CST
Wed. Mar. 8 10:30-11:00 CST
Wed. Mar 8 11:00-11:30 CST
Thurs. Mar 9 10:00-10:30 CST
Thurs. Mar 9 10:30-11:00 CST
Thurs. Mar 9 11:00-11:30 CST

Have a time available today from 2:15-2:45 CST today if anyone is interested? We are in Nebraska.


We are looking for Elementary Classrooms to connect with. We are studying the original 13 colonies and would love to connect with someone from an original 13 colony. We are 4/5th grade in Colorado (Mtn Time). Times flexible. Email and we can get started!!

Looking to do a mystery hangout March 10 from 11:00am - 12:00 EST. Anyone interested? 6th graders from Ohio.

I have a 6th grade class who would do a mystery hangout today at 1:20 CST. Shoot me an email if interested.

Looking to try a Mystery Hangout for my Grade 7 Geography class on Thursday, March 2nd. We are available between 10:30-11:50 EST. We are located in Northern Ontario. 
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