Can something be done about the moon position? It's always in the same position. It would be very nice to be on her real position :-)

Live wallpaper HD keeps crashing with Galaxy S8+ 😭

EarthRot 2 crashes on start, cannot change any settings without changing first wallpaper so some else, then re-selecting EarthRot 2 as wallpaper.

Feature request for Unity.
As a customer, I would like to present a list of my wishes, let's see what of it is doable :).
- backup / restore to external storage - at least to a folder in internal storage - for settings
- in configuration, the sliders should show values. My fingers are thick, I don't know if I changed a value or not. There should be some explanations of the values (are they pixels? are they percent?)
- as I said before, setting for moving the globe on X / Y, double finger doesn't work for me.
- a setting for night / day border - to have the option to make the border (illumination) between day and night more visible - a shorter (but customizable)transition
- the Custom axis would be nice
- Also the Atmospheric halo

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I have a lg g3 and I only can part of the planets. I have hd version.

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working on an android wear version, the earth in realtime as a watch face !

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