I wanna do a game.
I know C#.NET but i need some advice.

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Features of C# for Beginners and professionals - JavaTpoint
#CSharpTutorial #C-SharpExample


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I'm hosting an event on creating a apps for HoloLens (or HoloLens emulator). Its free, based in Naperville, IL, and will be streamed live for those who want to attend but are too far away (prizes, discussion and trying the HoloLens for those who are in person). This will focus on C# and Unity for the tools. Its this Sunday: http://www.meetup.com/SoftDev/events/233532842/

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Hey guys,
I'm not a programmer but I'll give anything a try.
Would it be wrong if I posted things here from time to time asking for help?

Hey, guys! I'm sorry to say, I'll be leaving this course... My intention was to learn some C# to apply with Unity, and although the course might help me somehow, it just didn't turn out to be what I expected.

Should I leave the group or something? No need to stay, but I like it here :)

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Just wanna know your guys' opinion on the way he does his console prompts. It could just be me, but do any other experienced programmers feel like he's teaching these Y/N things all wrong? Personally, I would convert input to all caps or all lowercase before the if/switch so that I don't need to do ORs or nested cases. I know the way he does it WORKS but I'm wondering what other people think.

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If anyone is having trouble getting started on Assignment 3, please check out my video.  It helps clarify everything you need up to the point of declaring your variables.  

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Until this morning, I had not seen a single class video, thought I wouldn't make it! Hope to have more time this coming week.
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