Know Your Opponent. Lies and deception is your real adversary. Truth always contradicts the lies. Lies and deception introduces thoughts of hopelessness that blind you to the Rewards of Overcoming. Replace negative thoughts with Truth. Believing the Truth empowers you and lies flees when you resist .‪#‎IndianOnPurpose‬

Learn The Art of Attack. Overcomers are not passive. They pursue. What You Fail To Master Will Eventually Master You. It may be anger, an addiction or a wrong attitude. Target your enemy. You are an OVERCOMER #IndianOnPurpose  

Your Words Stops Storms.  You are an answer. Find Somebody In Trouble. You are Oil for someone's wound. You are a Seed. Sow your Caring. What You Make Happen For Others, God Will Make Happen For You. #IndianOnPurpose  

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What You Respect, You Will Attract. Respect is needed for excitement. 
Excitement is needed for your energy. Energy is needed for completion of your dreams and goals #IndianOnPurpose

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger#IndianOnPurpose

Transformational Living is possible when we have a desire to change. The way we handle relationship, job, family, friends all changes without any efforts. Our perception about our own life should change. Changes begins when we honour our

Life is a journey...mountains, valley, pains, struggles but how you handle it is your choice. How do you handle pain? Guilt? Shame? You have the capacity to overcome any hurdles in life- if you can think positively during negative circumstances...

Watch your words. Your words are your direction. Change your words. Direction follows your words. #IndianOnPurpose

What are you thinking right now? Are you thinking good or evil?

Choose to think good thoughts. You have the power to think positive thoughts in all negative circumstances...
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