Hi everyone!
I would like to know what do you use to consider the efect of a reservoir given an inflow (or more) and compute the outflow, there are several methods to solve it for example Puls method. I don't know if you know some package or code to solve this.


Hi Claudia and everyone,

First i must really congratulate and thank Claudia (and others) for making the RHydro package. I find it a really useful tool for hydrologic research. 

I was trying to use RHydro package for my research work. I am analysing several small catchments in northern Canada region and my aim is to predict future flows in those catchments. I am having hard time finding potential evapotranspiration data which is used a climatic input in the model. I have tried estimating potential evapotranspiration from temperature using Hargreaves-Samani (and other) equations but i don't think they are giving satisfactory results.

It will definitely be better to use some reanalysis product. Does anyone here know as to where i can possibly find such data. The NARR/NCEP only gives potential evaporation. Can that be used as an input rather than evapotranspiration?



Hello everybody!! This community is still active? I would like to exchange ideias and, hopefully, find partners to collaborate in a flood modelling job. Best!

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Split long time series into years...a short tutorial

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Still interested in FUSE?

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Dear friends, 

Adding new four years datasets and I had to drop the Magnesium concentration due to this error message.

" ... max not meaningful for factors ..."

Constructive comments are welcome.

Updated #R Code: GAM exercise using mgcv package

Dear friends, The previous GAM post was based on only one year dataset. I have added another four year dataset in to the system and unfortunately it needed several adjustment, especially for the knot (k) value. So the following is the updated R code. I am s...
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