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I'd like to install LOL on Deepin. I tried some methods, but all resulted in an error. I tried through Lutris, PlayOnLinux and CrossOver, but I did not succeed.
PlayOnLinux notifies you that it needs to be updated, however the upgrade option by the Deepin Store it's unavailable.
In CrossOver the installation gives error in the install part of League of Legends itself, while in Lutris, after downloading the whole package, it informs that a directory, which I don't remember the name, does not exist.

Hi ..
I am using a hp probook with fingerprint reader. I just want to know if there any possibility to use this fingerprint reader for logging my laptop.

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Circle Icons 0.6
You already have an installer and small size, plus icons add

Link to DEB:

Mi Wifi signalis very low. What can I do to solve it? (sorry for my english)
I like a lot Deepin Os. But this problem is driving me crazy. :S

Anyone knows how to easily import openvpn file without copying and pasting it into settings ?

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Circle icons 0.5

Paste folder as superuser in:

To open folder as superuser:
sudo dde-file-manager /usr/share/icons

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New icons coming soon, Circle Icon

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This new system monitor app makes me want to go on a process killing spree -

Deepin has unveiled its latest first-party app, a stylish new system monitor — and it makes me want to go all Dexter on my distro. The app, named ‘Deepin System Monitor’, marries the aesthetic appeal of resource monitors like Conky with the functionality…
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