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Here are the rules and evrything else from the Fairy Tail RP

1. No bullying
2. You can't kill someones character without him agreeing
3. Only 2 Cannon Character
4. You can have as many OCs that you want
5. You can bring Characters from another anime, but you need to make them fit into Fairy Tail-verse
6. You can be the daughter of, let's say Erza
7. You must be approved befor Roleplaying
8. The characters that died in the anime are alive here
9. You need to do a profile for the Cannon Characters too.
Cannon Characters:
Natsu: +The Cursed One​​
Edolas Natsu:
Lucy: +Sgt Parker​​​​​​
Edolas Lucy:
Edolas Wendy:
Erza: +Sgt Parker​​​​
Edolas Erza:
Edolas Gray:
Edolas Juvia:
Panther Lily:
Edolas Gajeel:
Master Makarove:
Mavis: +Quindarius Jones​​​​​​​
Laxus: +The Cursed One​​​
Lissana: +Junko Enoshima
Evergreen: +Quindarius Jones
Freed: +Rune Slayer Elsword​​
I'm too lazy to write all of them they are too many... 

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Beware of the scary shark.

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I got no objections.

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Yeah! My origin is soul society.

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Name: Natsu Dragneel (fire dragonslayer)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Guild: Fairy Tail

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I walked through the forest the cherry blossoms fly through the air. This was a land I had grown up in growing up I was quiet and an outcast. I had friends as well until I was left to die when a tree fell on me. Years later I was changed made in the form of a cybernetic ninja But was under the control of an evil woman and her team. I was in a city assigned to assassinate a prime minister. I sat patient waiting for the right time to strike
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Anyone who wishes to roleplay Fairy Tail please join up with my community!

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Name: Aaron

Nickname: Dark Blaze

Age: 24

Height: 6'0"

Magic: Blue Demon Slayer Fire Magic. A after years of experiments, the Twilight moon was able to turn Aaron's standard fire magic into a stronger and more deadly substance... Blue Fire.


Hell's Inferno - He surrounds himself in fire and it will melt anything that stands to close.

Dragon's Wrath - He blasts out fire from his mouth.

Firey Wave - he makes an uppercut into the air and sends out a twenty foot wave of fire towards his opponent.

Detonation - he hurls a ball of fire at my opponent and when it lands it causes a massive explosion.

Volcano - Punches the ground and creates a eruption of fire that will engulf anything in its path.

Blazing Bullets - Puts my fingers into a gun position and shoots the fire in every direction.

Fire Fist - covers his fists in fire and will go all out in a fist fight.

Firefly - He releases up to 13 miniature balls of light that will explode, once one explodes then the rest will follow into a chain reaction.

Shuriken - He creates these shuriken like objects made of fire that are hot enough to go through steel like a hot knife through butter.

Meteor Strike - He grabs a rock and punches it until it's encased in fire to hit anyone in front of him.

Final Nova - Once he summons enough energy, he summons a great ball of blue fire and sends it upon his enemies, even if it's not a direct hit the splash damage can still be felt. Once he's used that move he won't be able to use his magic for a few hours.

Blue Blazer - He can turn into his secondary form

Personality: caring, passionate and incredibly determined. Aaron will do whatever it takes to protect the people he cares about.

Likes: Spicey food, training and his family.

Dislikes: Corruption, unnecessary drama and over confident snobs who think there better than everyone else.

Bio: At a very young age, young Aaron has had a gift for his fire magic and would often use it to show off to his friends, but that would soon drag unwanted attention... some men in dark clothing came to the village and would threaten to burn it to the ground unless he comes along... Aaron does and followed them... but the men burnt the entire village down and took him away. The years went by and Aaron was subjugated to all kinds of experiments and abuse and the strain was taking its hold on Aaron... until one day during an experiment his fire turned an unusual blue colour witch was five times hotter than an average fire. At the age of 17 he gained enough fire demon slaying magic to escape from the place. It took him some time but he eventually found a city called "Magnolia" we're he collapsed next to this strange building called "Fairy Tail" the members nursed him back to health and after he was better, master makarov offers him a place and helps him as best as he can to control his magic for the greater good.
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