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Here are the rules and evrything else from the Fairy Tail RP

1. No bullying
2. You can't kill someones character without him agreeing
3. Only 2 Cannon Character
4. You can have as many OCs that you want
5. You can bring Characters from another anime, but you need to make them fit into Fairy Tail-verse
6. You can be the daughter of, let's say Erza
7. You must be approved befor Roleplaying
8. The characters that died in the anime are alive here
9. You need to do a profile for the Cannon Characters too.
Cannon Characters:
Natsu: +The Cursed One​​
Edolas Natsu:
Lucy: +Sgt Parker​​​​​​
Edolas Lucy:
Edolas Wendy:
Erza: +Sgt Parker​​​​
Edolas Erza:
Edolas Gray:
Edolas Juvia:
Panther Lily:
Edolas Gajeel:
Master Makarove:
Mavis: +Quindarius Jones​​​​​​​
Laxus: +The Cursed One​​​
Lissana: +Junko Enoshima
Evergreen: +Quindarius Jones
Freed: +Rune Slayer Elsword​​
I'm too lazy to write all of them they are too many... 

Xandar and his Exceed Uta were looking at the request board as they were looking for a good mission to pass the time

Okay! Who wants to role play?

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It took some time, but a new request jumped in and Dante took a look at it. There is a pack of monster's roaming and terrorising a village and it's people. Dante took the quest and walks out the door, that's when you...


Okay I'm gonna make a story line soon, who wants the join?

(Two or three people required)

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Quote: "The voices in my head are ready to take over."

Name: Yuuta Storm

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7

Magic Type: Lightning Dragon Slayer

Moves: Lighting Dragon Roar
Lighting Dragon Storm
Lightning Dragon Strike
Lightning Dragon High Volt

Weapons: A sword

Item's: Magical Pendant

Position: Wizard

Guild: Fairy Tail

Guild Mark: Black and is on his Chest

Personality: Nice, Mean, split personalities,sweet, energetic, fun

Likes: Training, Fighting, Going on missions, hanging with friends, goofing off

Dislikes: People who mess with him or his friends, cheaters, bad guilds and wizards

Appearance: In picture

Bio: Yuuta was an orphan at the age of 2. Auctioned off to be raised by an abusive family. He ran away at age 8 to go train to be a wizard. All alone, he survived in the mountains with only his instincts. He was found by a Lightning Wizard after he passed out in the cold. For 7 years, they trained and Yuuta became a Lightning Dragon Slayer. 2 years later., his trainer died, they were like family. Yuuta was 13 at the time and he was depressed about the murder of his trainer. He grabbed his Trainer's sword and went to seek vengeance. 4 years later. He joined Fairy Tail and is still on that quest and now has some friends to help.

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* Please pp me your character profile, and read mine.
* No text talking

I was sitting on a bench in Magnolia Park, My dog, Sam was sleeping next to me, I had just come from a mission and didn't want to go back to the Fairy Tail guild hall. That's when a hand tapped my shoulder, I turned around and faced you.
Approve or not??

Quotes: "Music is not what I do, It's what I am"'

Name: Alexis Woods

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Magic Type: Shadow Demon Slayer

Magic Moves: Shadow Demon Punch
Shadow Demon Secret Art
Becomes a shadow
Extremely Fast and soundless
Most the moves are like the dragon slayer magic

Weapons: A small magic gun

Position: S Class mage

Guild: Fairy Tail

Guild Mark: Golden and on right shoulder

Personality: Very quite and soft spoken. Very protective of friends.

Likes: Her dog- Sam, Books, And Music

Dislikes: People who take advantage of the weak and spicy food.

Appearance: Long white hair, blood red eyes, always has a small black beaded rosary with her, and her headphone, always wears black and white.

Bio: At the age of five her parents were killed along with her sister and brother, After which Alexis became quite and sad, she took to the streets, where she meet the master of Fairy Tail, he took her in and raised her as his own. She is rarely at the guild, always going on missions, claiming that she needs the jewels.

The pics is off me, my dog-sam and my gun
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What information do I need to present for my character profile???

+joseph woody​.

it was the middle of the day and after two days, Xandar burst through the front door and I had a giant skull in NY hand. It was decorated in jewels and I looked around

Alright guys! Drinks on me!

people cheered as they were getting a free drink

Would anyone like to rp?
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