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Hey guys so incase you weren't sure this is an Invader Zim roleplay community based on the training days or whatever pretty much. I don't really have any rules all I ask is that everyone treats everyone kind and what ever. If anyone has any problems or questions feel free come to me and I'll deal with it. Hopefully this doesn't go to complete shit but yeah just have fun and do whatever I guess. Enjoy!

Hey guys! It's been a while since we got any life on this community but I'm trting to liven it up a little bit so that being said roleplay anyone? I'm cool with ocs and crossovers as well as long as they fit into the story line and aren't just randomly thrown in.

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((Anyone can join, Oc or cannon i don't care! I spent a while making this ;~;))
There was an explosion in the school cafeteria, a young brunette girl fell to the ground on her back. She groaned in pain as she held on tightly to her tray of chocolate muffins, her hair was puffed up and the edges of her hair was burnt from the said explosion. Dib shook his head as he grabbed one of the cupcakes from the girl's tray. The girl sat up and fixed her hair back to normal because cartoon logic as she looked back over at Dib

Dib: Why do you keep try to give Zim a muffin? You know every time you try he shoots you and causes an explosion
He muffled out as he got brown crumbs all over his shirt. The girl slowly got up, balancing her self before sitting down next to the raven haired boy

"Because i believe that everyone should try my muffins!"

Dib: He's an alien and he's evil!

"So? I don't care, maybe some 'evil' people like sweets... or maybe he's just really shy!"

Dib: So shy that he shoots you every day at lunch??

The girl nodded rapidly as Dib rolled his eyes, reaching out to grab another muffin. The girl pulled the tray away from him

Dib: Oh come on Giselle! Just one more?

"No Dib, i still haven't finished giving them out"
Giselle grabbed her tray and walked up to Y/N with a kind smile on her face

•If you want you can play Zim
•Or dib
•Can be romatic if desired
•Please no god modding....
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Yeah I might delete this community. It's dead anyways.

Roleplay anyone? It's been a while.

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Eats popcorn.
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GIR! Earth is our enemy!....Stupid Human propaganda the very constant superior alien species! Been failed by something as pethic as germs!



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Come on guys, two people the owner and I both made a roleplay..
One was for aliens and the other was for humans, come on! We really want this community to work out and not die like the rest of them, i know some people might be mervous but don't be! We're really nice people! I don't mind if i have to roleplay woth some anime neko like stuff.... we need SOMETHING
> Make roleplays
> Ask to roleplay with others!
> you can as for private posts!!
Come on please! I've never seen an ACTIVE Invadee Zim roleplay community, i want this to be the first one
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