How long of a wire could I run to an external temperature sensor from an uno. I am going to try and install my own compass and thermometer using grove sensors and the 96x96 display. Any tips would be great.

hi am yasin , how can mark a limit piont of this perl  while loop 

while($max <= 10) {

print $wordlist $words -> randpattern("CCccnCcn"),"\n";


Hi am Yasin , and i am new in coding , am glad to join this community 

I have a suggestion for an episode. While this idea won't appeal to the veteran code monkeys, I think it would be a good idea to have an episode that focuses on the terms that programmers use. As someone who is looking to make a career change into developing, I often get sidetracked and confused by industry terms and having Lou and Padre go over common terms and what they mean could be very helpful to the aspiring coders.

I.e, terms like git, framework, stacks (full stack, etc), acronyms (API, IDE, etc), etc.) I think you guys  can come up with a list that could cover the industry and help beginners get a leg up when trying to talk shop. 

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Here is a nice article about learning new things.  +Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ always seems to be asking if any person can learn to be a great programmer, or do you just have to be born a programmer.  According to this article, the key ingredient is that you need to love what you are learning.  As the article states, talent helps, but only a little. 

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This is a really neat example of something different that JavaScript can do. 
Rainbow Firestorm

This is gorgeous #canvas work. No libraries, just straight up #JavaScript.
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I'm trying out QPython for android. I found it quite nifty myself, and I think others might enjoy using it.

Made a tiny app which plots a real valued function on console output. In the sample below it prints a sine wave. The python function parameters are the window to be shown (x from 0.0 to 6.3 and y from -1.0 to +1.0)  and the number of lines and number of characters per line.
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Actually my question is more about the language than the coding itself.

What makes c better than, for example, c#? I mean, with the pointers it's better for that you can control the memory of your program, but isn't that what you trust to let c# handle correct for you?

And more general would even be, witch one is better? C or c#?

Everyone can answer of course, but I especially like to know what you think about this, +Louis Maresca​
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