What do you think about Apple Watch Series 3 LTE eSIM? And what about the restricted number of providers?

I cannot understand why only telekom is serving the Apple eSIM in Germany... :-(

Happy Easter to all of you!

BTW, how is going to preorder an Apple Watch on April, 10?

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'The Pencil' stylus by STAEDTLER is now available! 😉
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IPad im Vertrieb - Gerne würde ich mit einem befreundeten Texter einen Blog starten mit dem Thema IPad im Vertrieb. Ein Samsung tritt mit seinem Android gegen das Ipad Apple. Wenn würde das interessieren und wer würde uns eine Gastbeitrag schreiben?

Yesterday I got a cool tip by a friend of mine called Y-Nalsky: http://www.neurosky.com/
With MindWave mobile you can controll apps like music app and ganes etc.. via your thoughts: http://www.neurosky.com/Products/MindWaveMobile.aspxß
Incredible! No hands, no stylus, nothing, but thoughts! What do you think about that?

OK, let's start talking about Microsoft - Apple issues!
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