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Member my!!!!:))
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okay so i have another account for you

i am a member so if you love clubpenguin listen up!!!! here is the info 

im so sorry that wasnt it here it is
user:Penguiinne 1

now i have a commitment i have been giving you guys all of this stuff because i i i i am the creator of club
waddle on!!!

okay heres another
butt no one has been liking me so i might not tell you. sorry!!!!!

                                                               p.s. i will eventually tell you a code to morph into director,rookie,jet pack guy,and every one else so stay tuned

so i been thinking this is just been one day so heres the code
code:morph penguins1248379886

p.s. no space

and guys since ive told you all this now  i can't tell you any more sorry!!!!!!!!

p.s. joking!!!!!!!! heres the most special acount ever!! never tell anyone. its mine!!! but i am not a member anymore my parents deactivated it because im only 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but first if you go on please get me back my member ship please!!?!?!?!?!? well here it is the director!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Cp... COOL!!!!

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