Hi! There's someone that reports a trouble with forks? I have an L5 and I hear hard noise like toc-toc when I drive on rough road! Suzuki says it's absolutely normal but I think that it isn't!

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This guy uses his 650 to catch up to, and overtake, an R1.
This is also a great forum, anyone that can read English should visit often.

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The 650 wins 2nd place!
But the negative cited, that low speed handling is awkward because of the low center of gravity... how does that even make sense??

Tourer Runner-Up: Suzuki Burgman 650

How It Moves The Needle: 90 percent of the distance ability of a Gold Wing in a lighter, more affordable, much easier to use package.

Why It Didn’t Win: The small wheels and very low center of gravity lead to low-speed awkwardness and, well, it’s a scooter.

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Posted today!  The Burgman comes in 2nd place, almost entirely because of its higher price.  Do you think the price is justified?

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Here's a video review of the new 650 vs the BMW scooter:

(In Italian)
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