Good Afternoon, IT Advisory Committee!

One of my colleagues, Pam Hickman, from Vestavia Hills High School needs our help! She has been working on getting some new Microsoft Technology Associate exams added to the CRI (Career Readiness Indicator) List at the State Department. She is proposing the following exams be added:

1) MTA 98-388 - Introduction to Programming using Java
2) MTA 98-381 - Introduction to Programming using Python
3) MTA 98-382 - Introduction to Programming using JavaScript
4) MTA 98-383 - Introduction to Programming using HTML & CSS
5) MTA 98-380 - Introduction to Programming using Block-Based Languages (Touch Development)

Her reasoning for wanting these exams added to the list include that the Alabama Department of Labor has indicated the number one high demand occupation for 2014-2024 is Software Developer and these certifications introduce students to computer programming.

If you are in agreement with this information, would you be willing to write a letter of support? If so, please send it to:

Attention: Dawn Morrison, Education Administrator
Alabama State Department of Education
P O Box 302101
Montgomery, AL 36130-2101

Also, please email me a copy. Have a great day!
Tiffany Stonecipher

Thanks to everyone who attended our IT Advisory Committee meeting! I will be emailing you notes from today's meeting very soon!


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Hello IT Folks!

Would any of you be up for a quick 30-45 Google Hangout in the next month to discuss updates we've made to IT and Computer Science? I've got some new topics I think you all would be interested in! Talk soon!

Tiffany Stonecipher

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Jacob Manley, IT Intern with IFDC, has made his way onto Certification Magazine! Thanks so all of you for your help in furthering the IT Program at MSCA! See the attached pictures for more information on Jacob's article.

Tiffany Stonecipher
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Good Afternoon!

Thank you for joining our IT Advisory Committee and Google Community! I look forward to using this as a means of collaboration. Please feel free to post any current trends or updates in the field of IT that you feel like should impact the classroom. Some trends/updates that we agreed should be looked at further include:

Please add to this discussion! Have a great week!
Tiffany Stonecipher

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FYI if you know anyone who wants to join in on some IT learning.

FryeTech I.T. Services
July 28 ·
Come join me at UNA this October!!!
I am teaching a class at this fall.

Cost: $159.00.
Time: October 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th from 3:00-6:00 pm.
Certificate of completion will be rewarded at the end of the class if you have at least 75% attendance.

How to sign up: Go here -

You can also check out any other CE classes here:

If you have any questions please let me know.

Practical Computer Knowledge
Class Description: An overview of practical ways to use your computer to make your life a little easier. Topics include common computer terms, mobile devices, operating systems, basic software, computer organization, basic computer maintenance, word processing, the internet, email, data backup, cloud storage, and password security. As the world becomes more dependent on computers it is nice to be able to stay up-to-speed with technology and use it to your advantage.

Hope you see you there!!

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