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Hey all,

Been looking forward to the alpha of Mutant: Mechatron for ages and now had the chance to have a look - see my short review right here! Enjoy!

Quick Question:
Do you count the weight for worn items in the inventory(such as cold-/rotsuits and armor)

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The latest update of my Android app includes generators for Mutant: Year Zero. Adventuresmith is free and ad-free. You can get the app on Google Play or on the Amazon app store.

I have a question about something that happened during character creation.

I had a player roll up an Enforcer and decided to take the 2 mutation option. He rolled Enhanced Reflexes for his first mutation and then Four Arms for his second.

Since both double his attacks a many would ge actually get?

Okay... I feel like I'm going crazy... but were the NPC Sheets for MYZ taken down? Are they available anywhere online? Because I know I printed some quite a while back but now I can't seem to find them anywhere. Did I miss something? ... :/

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Critical Twits Podcast on Mechatron!

Are there any new roles for Mutant anywhere in supplements or home made ones?

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Starting a MY0 game tomorrow night! Really excited but what was even cooler is the map of New Orleans my wife made me for my game! I'm getting it printed poster-size as I type! 

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Friends, Mutants, Mechatrons, (there's no discrimination here...)

Some of you may have been listening to The Coriolis Effect, a new podcast looking at Coriolis The Third Horizon, but also with a wider Fria Ligan and RPG aspiration, presented by me (RPG Gods) and Matthew (FictionSuit). We are so grateful for all the kind feedback and support we've received. I hope we can continue to offer Coriolis and RPG talk that people want to listen to!

But I've also been putting together a little blog site, which if you haven't seen it yet I'd love to invite you to come and have a look, and enjoy - I hope - what I'm offering.

But please come and have a look, at

Thank you!

Hi there !
I have GMing my two first session of MYZ and I have an issue with the stalker class.
Only one of my players has this class at our table, and during exploration session (with I feel will happend most of the time) I have praticly all the roll's and action in the hand of the stalker and the rest of the table listen to the description and make some comment's, sometime have a idea to interact with some feature of the place but...
It's mainly me and the stalker rolling dices at this points. (and the others make escape / endure rolls when the stalker fails his)

I am looking for some way to distribute evenly the exploration works between the player but I dont think the game was intented that way.

I am the only one experiencing this of is that kind of situation happended to you too ?

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