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Name: Goldenblaze
Age: 27moons
Clan: Windclan
Gender: male
Rank: Warrior
Crush: songwhisker +Nicolle the warrior Cat at heart
Mate: ^^^^^^
Kits: ^^^^^^^
Personality: kind, charming, caring, flirty
Bio: wip

(Sorry for the bad profile ;;)

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 ''Stay away unless you wanna taste defeat''.
Name: Song Songkit Songpaw Songwhisker Songstar
Age: 48 moons
Personality: Quiet, strong, brave, swift, sensitive.
Mate:open, Please be from another clan.
Crush: open
Mother: Silverflower, Open oc.
Father: Swiftfoot, open oc.
Siblings: Fawnstep, alive Darksky, dead Brokenfang, alive
Mentor: Foxclaw (Open oc)
Apprentice: Snowpaw, died from a fight with thistlepaw.
Bio: Song was born to the loners, Silver and Swift. After she was born, dogs attacked her family. The clans saw and saved them and accepted them into the clan. When she was apprenticed, her siblings Darkpaw and Brokenpaw got into a fight. Brokenpaw lost a fang, after Darkpaw knocked it out with a painful blow of her strong paw. When they became warriors, Brokenfang got a apprentice named Thistlepaw.  Thistlepaw became Thistlefang, Songwhisker got a apprentice named Snowpaw, And Thistlefang knew she would become deputy, and Thistlefang killed Snowpaw. Songwhisker got so mad she and Thistlefang got into a fight. Songwhisker won, and left Thistlefang terribly wounded. But then Thistlefang and Darksky became mates! They even had two kits, Bluekit now Blueflower and Wingkit now Wingshadow. One day, Songwhisker and Darksky were on a hunting patrol and she told what thistlefang did to snowpaw, Darksky was furious thinking Songwhisker wold accuse him of that and unthinkably ran onto thunderpath and got ran over. Wingkit and Bluekit were devasted, but never knew the truth.Now shes a deputy.
Death: Falls off a gorge and drowns.

Songwhisker was hunting alone, she enjoyed being alone no one judging her, fighting her, bossing her, but then she heard a rustle in the bushes. +Silent Heart™ 

Fireflame sorted out his herbs in the medicane den, he burried the mallow as it had gotten old and lost its healing qualities. Then you entered the medicane den. Fireflame looked over at you.

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WHICH IS BEST CAT????????????????
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Personality:Hostile, independent, protective, nasty, circastic, mysterious, angry, mean, will do anything for Shadowclan, has hatred for other clans
Techniques: Extroadinary fighter, ok hunter, terrible swimmer
Weaknesses: Very sensative, bad temper and big reactions 
crush:Snowpelt +TAWOG AnaisIsBAE 
Death: Eats death berries because he feels he has done to many things wrong in this world and wants to end himself - this does not happen for a very long time btw 

Wildstar entered the apprentices den with a look on her face saying determination all over, once she entered.
" Rosepaw? We need to go training!'' Wildstar called, and the other apprentices looked up at her, happily.

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Name-  Wildstar
Gender- Female
Rank- Leader
Clan-  Riverclan
Personality- Can be extremely hostile, can get over temper, but is a very good leader and will do anything to defend Riverclan, but she is unpopular with the other clans, for her hostileness, but she is working on becoming kinder, and caring. She is a great leader all in all.
Techniques-  Exceptional hunter and fighter, ok swimmer, good with climbing trees, very long, sharp claws.
Weaknesses- Her claws sometimes get in the way, when she was a little kit she once scratched her own flank, accidently.
Mate- open
Crush- open
Kits- open
Death- badger 
Apprentice- Rosepaw

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"Just because I was a kittypet dosent mean I'm not dangerous''.
Name: Darkstar
Age: 60 Moons
Clan: Shadow
Gender: Female
Mother: Song, alive
Father: Peanut butter (My mom suggested this XD)
Siblings: Medallion, flower, alpha.
Mate: Open
Crush: open
Mentor: Russetfern, dead
Apprentice: open

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Name: Ginger
Rank: Kittypet
Home: Twolegplace
Gender: Female
Age: 9 moons old
Identity: ( pic )
Personality: Kind, adventurous, want to go to the forest but is told that it is not safe.
Weaknesses: Very clumsy 
Owner: To twolegs
About: Ginger is a well loved cat to her twolegs, she enjoys drinking milk, and she loves to sit on her fence and look on at the forest, she dreams of one day entering. Next door there is another kittypet that she is great friends with, they see eachother everyday. His name is Castor, he is a great friend and they always hang out, Ginger is lucky because her twolegs didnt give her a collar, because when they did ginger started yowling, she hated it so much, so they took it of and comforted  her, sometimes if a bird enters her garden she will hunt it, and once she got into a fight with a bad kittypet. 
( As you can see ginger has a lot in common with a warrior, Im thinking one day she might be welcomed into one of the clans. )
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