Just got my pixel plugged it into my pc and now the bluetooth doesn't work. Any ideas on how to fix this. It also didn't work with my pc but the bluetooth did work before pluging it into the pc. Super sad had been looking forward to getting this little guy for a long time :*(

Anyone have some retro games GIFs collection to share? 32x32. Thanks!

How to get tha led edit softwere

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Most of client have a very high opinion of it---High quality and reasonable price,it will be more and more popular,and it worth to purchase.

More details:http://www.nseled.com/taxi_top_display/507.html

Hallo ! Habe ein Pixel 2.5 Board mit einer 64x64 Matrix verbunden ! kann mir vieleicht jemand sagen wie ich die framerate der gif's im stand allone modus reduzieren und die anzeigedauer der Einzelbilder erhöhen kann ?

Hello ! Have a pixel 2.5 board connected to a 64x64 matrix! Maybe someone can tell me how I can reduce the framerate of the gif's in the stand alone mode and increase the display duration of the frames?

Mfg. J.Seek

I have the PIXEL 2.5 Makers Kit and looking to use a 64x64 panel. I found 2 different ones on Amazon and wanted to see if anyone has any experience with either one.



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Hi, I've had my Pixel V2 32x32 for a few months now and everything was fine. But recently it has stopped playing gifs correctly. Any gifs I write to the Pixel seem to stutter almost as if they don't complete playing and go back to the start of the animation. I'm so disappointed as it was working perfectly!
Has anyone else experienced this?

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PIXEL: LED ART Frames on sales for the holidays for $149 (regular $299). Includes free apps for iOS and Android and over 100 commissioned pixel art animations. Add your own LED creations from any animated GIF http://creativeartsandtechnology.com/product/pixel-led-art-frame/
Creative Arts and Technology
Creative Arts and Technology

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A big thanks to Tom for sharing his 80s inspired pixel art creation. Tom used Photoshop to mash together various gifs creating one awesome piece. He also utilized our LED pixel art creation guide http://ledpixelart.com/content-guidelines/ staying away from low contrast colors and using black backgrounds when possible making the LEDs really pop. Tom is also our first iOS PIXEL customer and the first to try our new PIXEL iOS app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cat-clutch/id1038238338?mt=8 Thanks Tom!
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