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Hello, i just wanted to share here my take on the pixel maker.

I'm using a 32x32 panel as my front panel for my hand made pc case.

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I got my PIXEL Guts Kit v2.5 (32 x 32 LED Matrix) from Massdrop and it connects and receives Gifs from my phone but it seems the color values are mixed up. If i want something red it works fine, but if i want blue I get green and vice versa. Any way i could fix this??

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PIXEL 2.5 Maker's Kits On Sale $39 from Seeed

A very cost effective way to control a lot of LEDs's-kit-p-2451.html

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Hi there. I just received my Pixel, and I'm having a number of setup issues. The device turned on fine with the tree animation. However, I was unable to get either the Mac or Windows (USB) apps to work. Both keep giving me a message that it finds the device, then loses the device. None of the gifs will load, or they come up with random dots. Now the screens has gone blank and I can't get anything to come up. ANy thoughts?

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when installing the LED light outdoor, we usually needs an other small connector to contact the power, then how to choose the good connector for your garden?


I'm looking for a talented pixel artist for an upcoming game I'm creating. If the game goes successfully, you will be paid. Required to have at least 6 months of experience. Please send in a piece of your work at I look forward to hearing from you all. Have a good day.

Hello google device has died, now I am using my PC to use the Pixel App, all is good except I cant' figure out how to write to my super pixel......any help appreciated.... 
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