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"A world without war is a world of fiction. So long as there are people there will always be conflict. We all must become instruments of war at some point, like it or not. So the most we can do is make the eye of the storm peaceful before we're swept up by the tempest."


High in the mountains there once existed a beanstalk that surpassed the clouds themselves. At the top of this beanstalk lied a secluded kingdom of giants. A land untouched by time with warriors whose strength and power rivaled even that of the gods. Every 50 years in this kingdom, there would be a tournament held to see who would reign over the land as its king based on their strength. For many years, a single king by the name of Nixam ruled the land with an iron fist, using his power to get everything he wanted in the land. People believed they would forever suffer under his rule. That was until a surprising challenger came forth, a mere giant child, barely old enough to count. Seeing this as a joke, Nixam accepted the challenge of the child only to be soundly defeated. This was the first time in history such a young child had taken the throne. This caught the attention of the four giant elders Fee, Fi, Fo, and Fum; the oldest, most influential, and most powerful giants in the kingdom. The elders took the child under their wing and taught him the way to rule the kingdom wisely so it may prosper for generations. With this knowledge in hand, he ruled over the land for centuries. No one dared to oppose his rule and all enemies his kingdom faced were met with crushing defeat. However, with repetitive victory came ultimate destruction. The continuous stream of successes made the youngking overconfident and arrogant which led him to challenge the Demon Clan. This was a mistake the price of which his subjects would pay. After he was defeated on the battlefield, the demons, in thier cruelty, went to claim their prize in the form of the souls of the giant civilians. Nearly all of the people in his kingdom were wiped out by the demons. He had failed as a king and thus made them all suffer for it. As punishment for his sins, the elder giants stripped him of that which was most precious to him, his god-like strength and power. They cast a spell on him that shrank him to the size of a mere human which in turn, sealed away his power. He was then cast out of the kingdom, never to return. But he could not leave without helping his people. He needed to protect them. So using the last of his enormous power, he destroyed the beanstalk that connected the kingdom to the world below, forever separating the two so this kind of tragedy would never again befall them. After that, he wandered across the land as his repentance, never looking back and never stopping.

[// Personality

He is a warrior above all else, never one to shy away from a challenge. His pride in his skill as a fighter often leads to overconfidence, however rightful and earned it may be. He is a very honest and honorable man, not afraid to ask for forgiveness when he makes a mistake or accept a deserved punishment. Typically he is a rather tame and reasonable person. However when he is caught in the middle of a battle talking him down is next to impossible. The only option is to let him spin his wheels and come back down from the rush. He has a tendency to be impulsive and speak what he thinks about people, regardless of who they may be or what happens after the fact.

》Powers and Stats《

[// Tier
6-C [Human Form Without Hammer]

6-B [Human Form With Hammer or Goliath Mode Without Hammer]

6-A to Low 5-C [Goliath Mode With Hammer]

[// Name

[// Gender

[// Age
Physical: 16

Chronological: 5,836

[// Classification

[// Powers and Abilities
Incredible Sense of Smell: All of his senses are highly advanced, but none so much as his sense of smell. His nose can pick up on the scent of a dying flower several miles away and track people for miles with a single whiff of their scent.

Constitution: He has an ironclad will, making him a difficult target for seduction or mind control.

Longevity: He ages slower than normal people and can live far longer than humans can.

Huge Lung Capacity: Growing up above the clouds, he never had access to much oxygen. This made his lungs adapt so they could last long periods of time without needing to receive more air.

Magical Resistance: He has a high resistance to curses and hexes, requiring the combined magical power of all four giant elders to cast a spell on him.

Giant Physiology: His body is still that of a giant, allowing him resistance to things that would weaken or kill other people such as diseases.

Creation: A kind of magic possessed exclusively by giants, enabling its wielder the power to control the earth and its aspects.

Botanist: A type of magic that allows the user to control plant life.

Goliath Mode [Locked]: An ability that would allow him to temporarily revert back to his original giant form, thus increasing his power and physical abilities exponentially. However this ability only lasts a short time and takes several days to reuse.

[// Attack Potency
7-A to Low 6-C [Human Form Without Hammer]

6-C [Human Form With Hammer]

6-B [Goliath Mode Without Hammer]

6-A to Low 5-C [Goliath Mode With Hammer]

[// Speed
* Subsonic* [Human Form]

Low Subsonic [Goliath Mode]

[// Lifting Strength
Class T [Human Form]

Class P [Goliath Mode]

[// Striking Strength
Class Low EJ [Human Form Without Hammer]

Class EJ [Human Form With Hammer]

Class ZJ [Goliath Mode Without Hammer]

Class YJ [Goliath Mode With Hammer]

[// Durability
Small Island Level [Human Form]

Large Country Level [Goliath Mode]

[// Stamina
His stamina is far greater than any normal human could hope to achieve, being able to fight for weeks without rest and walk for long periods without sustenance.

[// Range
He has extended range with physical strikes due to his hammer. His magic can cover many distances depending on his current form and equipment. His maximum magical range is the entirety of a country.

[// Standard Equipment
Hephaestus: He carries a large golden war hammer with large spikes on both ends with him at all times. This hammer can only be used by those who have proven themselves in the King's Tournament and is able to generate a pseudo-earth for him to manipulate as well as increasing his power and physical abilities.

[// Intelligence
His intelligence is debatable. While he isn't book smart or good at reading a room, he is a great strategist and can think of complicated plans quickly as well as knowing a great deal about plants and the earth.

[// Weaknesses
He is greatly limited when he is off the ground, being able to use only certain techniques with his magic through the use of his hammer. Additionally, he has trouble holding back his strength and often destroys things he wasn't aiming for. He is very impulsive and will make large decisions on a whim without taking time to consider what happens after the fact.

[// Feats
As a child he possessed enough strength to defeat the current giant king with incredible ease.

His magic power was great enough for him to completely destroy the beanstalk that connected the kingdom to the world below from the root up in a short amount of time even after losing his full power.

As part of his training, he had to battle against the four elders all at once multiple times. And though he never beaten all of them, he was once able to defeat one before before falling himself.

During his travels, he often took to sleeping in mountains. As such, he had to physically change the layout of them so he could rest.

[// Notable Attacks/Techniques
Sandmake: He turns the minerals in the ground into sand to trap and bury enemies by doing hand signals.

Metalbend: He turns his body into metal, increasing his durability and weight greatly. This also allows him to shape metal as if it were taffy.

Spike Pit: He makes spikes come up from the ground to skewer his enemies.

Rising Rock: He makes a section of the earth below him rise up into the air so he may fly toward his opponent. This can also be used to make raised platforms for others to walk on. While doing this, he may only work with the ground he is flying on and the earth from his hammer.

Golem: He can make artificial beings made of rock arise from the ground and assist him in battle.

Fee: He stomps his foot and makes a wave within the earth, blasting away enemies and objects and launching them into the air.

Fi: He creates several rapidly spinning disks out of rock and makes them fly toward his opponent at great speed.

Fo: He creates a deep pit in the ground to trap his enemies and fills it with rock constructs to kill them within the pit.

Fum: He makes the ground around his opponent rise up and collapse on them like a powerful tidal wave.

Mutation: He changes the genetic structure of plants thus turning them into different kinds of plants. This can be taken a step further to making mutant plants.

Growth: He causes seedlings within the ground to grow at a rapid pace, making fully grown trees in an instant.

Binding: He makes vines grow from his body and wrap around his target. These vines are harder and stronger than iron and can grow to massive sizes.

Thorn: He enlarges wood fragments and shapes them into thick, sharp thorns capable of piercing straight through armor.

Weedman: Similar to Golem only using plants rather than rock.

[// Key
To unlock this form he would require a unique form of energy to enter his body. This would break the curse placed on him long enough to enter this state for a short time.

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Name: Ciel Xillia Arumat the 1st
Age: 680
Height: 6'2
Weight: 167

Occupation: craftsman

Biological information:

Background information: He's the son of Baron and baroness. Unlike his younger two brothers Ciel traded the upperclassmen lifestyle for blacksmithing. He started out with only use ingredients of monsters. But through a experimenting with that of technology, he found out how to farther his weapons/inventions. On a day like ant other He would go through a dimensional hole through space and time bringing him into this plain of existence.

Rp history: the place he landed at was the old justiceforce headquarters. There he was greeted by new friends and enemies alike. He fought and killed the one known as Zero Uchiha along with a arrancar and meta human. After these strange encounters he would then meet +Syaoran Hashin Seresu-Ortega​ (As Marble)
+Saitama ワンパンマン​ (as Vegeta and Kyo) +Getsukare Chigami​ (as his bleach oc) and finally +フリーザLσяd Ƒяιєzα​ (as narshi) and many more these four would become his greatest friends. After the fall of Justiceforce Ciel would then go to Marble's kingdom. There he trained, more gained friends and new experiences. But Ciel would leave his now brother Marble as well, he would go on to travel through the universe on his own journey. Upon his return he met the arrancar Asvoria ( +Plutto /Galactic Princess/ Ronine​). Ciel is deeply in loved with her and plays on crafting her a engagement ring.

Equipment, abilities, appearance and personality

Personality: calm and collected. He smiles often and has little worry. None have seen him in any other emotional state

Appearance. Physically he is well built with vibrant white hair, chilling blue eyes and two horns to from his head protrude upwards. He also has corresponding markings on his lower neck and lower torso. attire consist of a large open coat with a short fur trim, large black boots, black pants and gauntlets. He mostly does not wear the gauntlets unless he is fighting or on a hunt

Equipment: one could count his coat as armor due to its properties: fire proof, magical defense and high durability. Also weights 40kl (80lbs)

Gauntlets: mostly used as armor for his arms but also slightly raise his attack.

Sword: it has no name. He crafted this blade using technology and a shark beast 500 teeth. It weighs around 120 lbs, has high durability as well and will never dull.

Abilities: he is a A+ (or 1 star) fighter. Wearing the coat mostly all the time and fighting in it has caused him to be extremely fast (Olympic level). His striking strength and lifting strength at max is 10 tons. His Natural durability is good to, having survived a stab to the stomach (also get shot by energy blast) more than once and still be able to win the fight (this also mean good recovery). His reaction speed and thinking fall into the same class as his durability.

Powers: at first it was shadow manipulation but he traded that off for dark matter. With dark matter he has some control over gravitational pressure (the weight of gravity one feels) his make is 100 times the planets original gravity (current planet is earth)
Other power with dark matter is that he is able to fire off shots of dark matter energy from his hands. One will know of his gravitational ability via purple aura surrounding themselves.

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