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"Honey, you should see me in a crown."
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Benedict Cumberbatch
Robert Downey Jr.

I that am lost, oh who will find me?
Deep down below the old beech tree.
Help succour me now the east winds blow.
Sixteen by six, brother, and under we go!

Be not afraid to walk in the shade
Save one, save all, come try!
My steps - five by seven
Life is closer to Heaven
Look down, with dark gaze, from on high

Without your love, he’ll be gone before.
Save pity for strangers, show love the door.
My soul seek the shade of my willow’s bloom
Inside, brother mine -
Let Death make a room.

Before he was gone - right back over my hill.
Who now will find him?
Why, nobody will.
Doom shall I bring to him, I that am queen.
Lost forever, nine by nineteen.

Poor Red beard

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roses are red
Sherlocks scarf is blue
i'm leaving a not
isn't that what people do?

the apple is rotten
the tea is now cold
"i owe you a fall"
to sherlock he told

he fell to the ground
with his final goodbye
the consulting detective
was going to die

the angel had fallen
the devil had too
John Watson cried out
"he's my friend let me through"

roses are red
sherlocks blood is to
theres a pain in johns voice
"hes my friend, let me through"
the flat is now silent
the place full of dread
john stands by his grave and whispers
"please don't be dead"

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Would you rather have.....
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Hi everyone, I'm a huge Sherlock fan, and I've been writing fan posts about it recently. I'd realy appreciate it if you could take out a few minutes and check this out, just click the link below please!

Thanks everyone!

hi new member .coz i miss it after it ended

IT'S FINALLY OUT! Yes, my long-awaited new book - The Astonishing Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century - has been released by UK publisher Endeavour Media. It comprises 13 adventures setting the Great Detective in the present day and in locations all over the modern world, starting in the USA and travelling through the Caribbean, the Far East, Africa and Europe, only to wind up in his - very much changed - home city of London.
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