I installed ws today and have been trying to figure it out. I had it working up to displaying a couple of inputs and the virtual driver showing in Zoom but the video was blank in Zoom. I restarted webcamstudio and then the computer but now ws just hangs at the splash screen and doesn't start after 5-10 minutes.
Any suggestions?

Happy Easter to all !!!
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Just to be sure to leave all my work done in WebcamStudio, i also make a Git repository for WebcamStudioFX Alpha 1 Sources, the JavaFX translated WebcamStudio project.
Hope someone may want to continue that.
Have a good week.

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Hi guys,

WebcamStudio was a great project but if you're into streaming and screencasting, have a look at ScreenStudio

Here's the community: https://plus.google.com/communities/107164189448403990139

I wanna thank Karl for taking over WebcamStudio for the last 4 years. It's been really fun emulating a webcam in Linux. Times have changed thus the reason of ScreenStudio.

Have a great day!

Hi there ! Thanks for keeping WS alive, super software :) Unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore on my computer. Installed : 0.73 build 611 on Linux Mint 18. Here is an excerpt of the error message :
Welcome to WebcamStudio 0.73 build 611 ...
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /tmp/jna/jna165793525805913707.tmp: /tmp/jna/jna165793525805913707.tmp: échec d'adressage (mapping) du segment de l'objet partagé

Any help would be appreciated, as I often need this software :) Cheerz.

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Hi - I was thinking - this project is too good to just go without any updates and development...

Might be worth adding to this?


ok i have installed ubuntu16.04 on one of my pcs and loaded webcamstudio into it it worked fine for a few days very stable then i updated  and the pc died im not sure if was just the update or maybe something i did when i installed WCS prob not but i would like full installation terminal codes just to be safe please  from ppas to key and any java or lib and ffmpeg  installs everything i will test its 24'/7  thanks guys but every time i look at the ppa pages etc i get really confused so please help me thanks guys great work  .

plus one issue im having with sound bauble on live input every now and again the sound has like a half echo  maybe its just the sound track adjusting to realtime to keep everything insync im not sure if its or codec prob i have to run the sound on gstreamer and the picture on ffmpeg to get good sound sync if i run both on ffmpeg it goes out of sync or hangs this is an issue im guessing

HI all I have installed webcamstudio successfully on my old PC but in my new laptop which runs 16.10 (installed via daily builds) i keep getting

"None of the kernel modules webcamstudio/v4l2loopback are loaded...
The virtual webcam will not be available..."

I also tried installing the makefile from v4l2loopback from https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxkZ_wh6t7jbQWxGR3VsMExBNVE/view
(still no good)

When i do a sudo modprobe webcamstudio i keep getting

"modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'webcamstudio': Required key not available"

i believe which means the kernel requires a signed module, I am not sure what to do next. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Please help me.
How can I add my animation?
- In what format should the animation?
- How to add animation to the webcamstudio?
I could not find answers in the available documentation.
I use webcamstudio 0.73

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