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A look out the brand new Scoff Studios! This is a studio started by me and my friend Tony Carr. More details about us and the game we are working on coming soon!

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Hey all! Here is another speed design I did. This one was about an hour and a half project. But instead of Fight the Dragon this one is done inside of Starcraft 2. I was going to release a video of this but my recording software bailed on me. So I just finished it up and took a picture! Enjoy! :D

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A first look at my newest project 'Boss Tavern'! I take you through the lore, gameplay, and what is going on with the project. Let me know what you think here, on Twitter, and on Youtube!

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Here is my first video! A quick 10 min level design inside of Fight the Dragon... Enjoy!

Hello! Welcome to the brand new page and the first post! Let me start off by introducing myself...

My name is Garrett Valentine. I am a 19 year old college student living in Kansas. For about 7 years now I have had a dream to develop video games. Specifically with the intent of focusing on level design. I absolutely love level design. It is my biggest passion in life (amongst many other things). I could go on and on about level design. What I love about it, what games are great at it, what works and doesn't, etc... Simply put I love level design. I love the whole Video Game Development process. I have finally come to a point where my college career is underway. I am currently a 3D Animation student at Butler Community College. I will then transfer over to Betheny College's Mindfire branch at the beginning of next year. I will then earn my Bachelors in 3D animation after 2 years there. And with this much progression towards my dream. I wanna start now. I love entertaining people and sharing my work with people. I love getting any comment back. But the comments I love the most are critiques. They strive me to be a better designer and entertainer. So since my intent is to level design I need to start really cracking down on it. Which I have begun to really do so lately. So that comes full circle of this community page...

Now why a community page? Well I didn't want to just create for myself. I want to create for a community. I want to create for all of you reading. I want you to be able to go into my levels and I actually get to hear back from you whether you enjoyed it or not. I want to create experiences for you. Make you struggle, laugh, cry and what ever other emotion I can get out of you. I plan to make maps and games that you can get and enjoy for hours. I will find games that have a community feature largely built in where you can play and enjoy my maps. I will make games where you get to experience what I make. I want to make for you. And I want to be able to hear back from you how you really feel. So when and if you come here to see my stuff or give feedback. Do not be afraid to give feedback. I want to hear it. I love to hear you what you have to say. So... After much rambling I think this post can end hear.

I will be releasing some videos and pics soon to showcase my first project. A Youtube channel will be also going up very shortly. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and thank you so much for joining this community. It will be great.


Garrett Valentine
Joker Level Design

Youtube: Joker Level Design

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Come on over and join the Joker Level Design community! We would love to have you!
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