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Republican Rep. Steve King wants a national Right To Work Bill to pass so he and the Republicans can finish off all unions and the middle class once and for all. Please call Steve King at 202-225-4426 and tell him how much you don't want Right To Work, because it's a right to work for LESS!!
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amazon and e-commerce continue to be a game-changer at ups. The company’s top brass announced today they will look to cut costs. When the next contract is negotiated, ups Teamsters need to be ready to defend our jobs.
ups made adjusted profits of more than $5 billion in 2016. But amazon and e-commerce cut into those profits—and management is promising investors to cut costs.
The company reported a huge shift in the amount of volume that went to residential customers versus business delivery in the fourth quarter.
Fifty-five percent of volume was e-commerce and other business-to-consumer deliveries. Packages were delivered to nearly 2.5 million new addresses.
Delivering to individual residential customers costs more than multiple shipments to businesses. The “last-mile” of delivery is the most expensive.
ups management is determined to cut those costs. That’s what surepost is about—and they have told investors more cost-cutting is on the way.
Today, the company told investors it will spend $4 billion to expand capacity and automate hubs. Three hubs have been automated so far. ups said 30 to 35 more will automated in all.
ups is also looking to cut costs by subcontracting feeder jobs to coyote logistics.
Here’s what doesn’t cut costs: creating more full-time jobs, increasing part-time wages, and hiring more drivers to reduce excessive loads, 9.5 violations and harassment.
ups made over $5 billion in profits last year. Management is promising even higher profits next year.
ups Teamsters have five billion reasons to reject any contract that includes concessions or cost-cutting at our expense. It’s time for ups to deliver for us.
ups Teamsters need to be ready to fight for the contract we deserve.
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Calumet City – Corruption Watch
Michelle must be grateful to the taxpayers of Calumet City! She is the highest paid Mayor in the South Suburbs. They even pay for her clothing allowance, because $180,000 a year in pay just isn’t enough.Paying for her son’s bail for assaulting his girlfriend must be expensive. Too expensive for him…

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Et voilà, c'est maintenant fait; Routier Revendicateur en ligne sur YouTube.

Qui est le Routier Revendicateur!

Première vidéo de présentation. D'autres à venir.

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How does the membership feel about UPS hiring refugees before union book men.

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Ipswich Mass, strike at Weir Valve and Controls.

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The TPP will only serve the cause of larges corporations that are already gready with workers. this will enrich has more all on the backs of workers.

This will cause plant closures in North America to tranfer production to Asian countries. Country of cheap labor , where workers do not have the same protections, neither unions as workers in North America!

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