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*NEW* Updates On Our Site "The Sparks Estate" An All American Haunting!

Let me tell you that adding this beautiful historic 1940's haunted estate onto my website brings joyful tears to my eyes and even better to share it with all of you who love the paranormal. I been working with this location for over a year so I am constantly hearing tales about the paranormal happenings here but also I experience some things first hand for myself. Finally I was able to add our first investigation of the estate to our site and its finally complete but still an ongoing project.

Let me tell you what is coming with this update EVP's, ghostly photos, beautiful nature photography, almost three hours of film and so much more its fully loaded. I did not work on this project over night lets leave it at that the investigation however I did took place throughout the night back in October of 2015 and the haunts still continue.

I had infrared evidence too but its been lost you can thank the security company for that one they do not archive incidents and well I did not know that so when I went to save it all it was gone. I am not worried though I have access to infrared cams 24 hours a day and their is no shortage of ghost activity here so with that being said I am sure there will be more.

This addition on our site has all sorts of strange happenings some of them I recorded on video you can check out our documentary called "An All American Haunting" as well which can be found on our site and through our youtube. I did a great job I like to think compiling it all together during our investigation of the estate.

The activity here never ceases to exist were talking full disembodied apparitions, screams, floors bleeding, knocking, banging, cold spots, hot spots, whispers, boxes vanishing, electronics turning on, closets opening, objects being displaced or vanishing, furniture being rearranged, ghostly footsteps and running. The list goes on and on and on making it in my opinion one of the most haunted houses in the state of Nevada.

Their is an interview with Tammy I filmed the first two months of the office being situated as today its less of a home and for business purposes only. So that is another nice feature we incorporated into the investigation. Tammy spends more time here then I do but I do visit the estate often day or night. I also watch the ghost cams including one set up in the basement to monitor paranormal activity here.

Our real all nighter investigation will transpire later this year near Christmas. Right now what I am doing is trying different times of the year to see if activity is heightened and it appears that anytime from October till the New Year seems to be the most active time period of the year as far as haunting's go here.

This is a really fantastic place your going to enjoy it do not pass it by this is a good case and a solid one. Not like the shit you see on television I mean I talk to others about experiences here. I know when I was helping out here I was alone and all of sudden there was banging in the next office. I literally heard that same evening a woman scream in the basement and seen a closet open by itself. The place is haunted and you guys all get to enjoy it the same way I did so check it out! Do not let its charm or coziness fool you there is a ghostly couple that haunts its halls!

You can check it out directly on our website at or if you wish to go through the epilogue you can do so on the main page of our site by clicking the investigation archives button where you will find it filed in:

Gateway 4/Portal 26

The Sparks Estate Prologue Page
The Sparks Estate Team Stills
The Sparks Estate Team Investigative
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The Sparks Estate The Lobby
The Sparks Estate The Offices
The Sparks Estate The Basement
The Sparks Estate The Kitchen
The Sparks Estate Conference Rooms
The Sparks Estate The Restrooms
The Sparks Estate Dismal Halls
The Sparks Estate Videos
The Sparks Estate Infrared Evidence (Coming In The Future)
The Sparks Estate EVP's
The Sparks Estate Investigation 1 Reports & Evidence
The Sparks Estate Investigation 2 Coming Dec. 2017
The Sparks Estate Investigation 3 Coming In The Future

This truly is a gem sometimes the locations folks do not know about turn out to be some of the best paranormal hot spots. We are lucky to have access to such a place like this so we can continue to do some real credible research and parapsychology studies.

The next addition that ill add to the site but it wont be till next week is our night investigation of Silver Terrace Cemetery up in Virginia City. Its another really special place a true wild western historical wonder.

I wish that I had put out The Sparks Estate earlier this week but honestly I do not half ass my work. I had it almost done then it took me a couple days to put together the documentaries then over a day to upload it. Between fixing my vehicle out in the rain and taking care of all these other things I am just glad that its finally done and live on the website.

I will keep cases and the paranormal coming trust me when I say that. But if I do I also hope for others to believe and support us along our journeys. So always check out our website additions, paranormal cases and explorations. So that you can see what were trying to do here and the adventures that we take. Have a great weekend there will be an investigation this weekend of two cemeteries one is on the grounds of a sanitarium other then that its time to party my friends!

Were getting so much rain where I am at were having floods hell Lake Tahoe today is so rough their is white caps you can go surfing lol. Crazy huh? But I am an all weather type of guy so its time to go with it and embrace the journey!

Peace Out,
Lord Rick
PGS Founder
Author, Producer, Paranormal Investigator and Talk Show Host

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Our Investigations Of The Old Weimar Sanatorium & Colfax Cemeteries - 2/11/17

I see allot of things on my journeys across gold country these mountains conceal allot of hidden gems. In gold country cemeteries are not just cemeteries but rather contain a mountain adventure all in itself especially when it surrounds the old Weimar Sanitarium and Colfax Cemeteries.

Since the beginning of the year I been making regular trips out to small towns like Applegate, Auburn and Weimar to check out history of a different kind. First we hiked in the forest to an old fraternity site that created a small settlement but just weeks later were roaming the dense forest to a site that has some dark truths.

I find that this region of California offers so much to someone who loves to hike but also loves history. The history in these foothills is amazing between the mines, ghost towns, cemeteries, asylums, railroading and the wild west. I never thought years ago I would be the man to experience a bit of culture intertwined with my paranormal work in such a beautiful place being that I grew up in Buffalo NY.

I am starting to find the more I do out this way the more sites that have some kind of connection. For example Colfax Cemetery begin holding services for the folks up in Iowa Hill when their church blew down and fire swept through town. Another example would be that those who were treated at the Weimar Sanatorium came from many small towns in the foothills that we do allot of research at especially cemeteries.

We are never sure what it is going to be like when I set off on an adventure. Winter has taken a death grip in the sierras I mean entire homes even restaurants are buried with snow. Some snow is so high that you cant even find a restaurant or gas station especially through Truckee Donner Pass wooo. I have never seen anything like this where its not snowing its flooding. Lakes that were dry nearly or even reservoirs now have water spilling over its dams. Right now its a huge effort for me to go anywhere but I am still progressing and doing hard earned research regardless or at least trying to wherever I can get too.

I found this out the hard way as I made it over Donner Summit of course it was snowing it seems like every trip I take through the sierras I hit some turbulent weather. But before I made it to Colfax and Weimar two small railroading type of towns from back when the construction of the transcontinental railroad was underway I was diverted to go around a massive mud slide that took out the entire expressway. As a matter in fact I had to drive through Grass Valley no less it added on another sixty miles to the trip if not more.

We would finally make it but the detour really cut into our adventure time. I am not even sure they route they diverted me on was anymore safer as it was up on cliffs and curves for miles. For the most part it was drive but still I know all about black ice in these mountains and know this because I hit some a couple weeks ago while taking all the kids sledding.

Every time I drive in these mountains is a day that I take huge risk so that I can conduct and continue to my research. So it is important that our viewers, friends, fans etc show their support its all we ask. Investigating locations is something nothing in comparison to the three to four hundred miles drives I do in one day my friends!

I am not sure I ever worked so hard in my life just to visit a couple small cemeteries. But when you think about what I get to see an experience it makes it all worthwhile. Its been a tough winter for me to go to any ghost towns all roads are out due to flooding, snow 20' high and washed out bridges. So I really had to change everything this past month do a few cemeteries here and there yet still working just as hard to get to them lol.

I learned about Weimar when I realized that folks were going up to the Esoteric Fraternity a few miles away and thinking the settlement was the hospital. This is not the case the Weimar Institute is today a college for the Seventh Day Adventist. The campus is very large as it also has doctors offices, chapel, dorms, residences, class rooms and all the amenities any college would have. In fact it is a college which upholds its theology to healthcare education.

At one time though it was a Sanatorium for those who had tuberculosis therefore hundreds died here. People were often quarantined, slept under tarps in the rain and some put in small rooms without a window. Most people that came here from many counties here out west checked in and sadly never checked out. People came here to die so they could not spread sickness and in turn they laid there eyes on a magical forest that in a sense that has never changed and we would have that opportunity to hike through it working to see the very cemetery the sick were buried at.

The institute at one time served not only as a Sanatorium but also a hospital, respiratory disease and lung center. It also was used as a Vietnamese refugee camp often called "Hope Village" which provided housing. Over the years it developed a reputation for helping those in need but it also was a dismal dark place and by the end of its era 1450 people were buried in the forest behind the institute. At least half died of illness when it was a Sanitarium the other half were simply in poverty therefore buried in its potters fields.

Despite the fact that this is a private college they do allow you to hike back here which I think is absolutely wonderful. If they did not id have to sneak back here because this is one cemetery I simply was not passing on up. Lets face it the people buried at Weimar Cemetery are forgotten and its hillside graves been neglected for many years. Some grave markers are missing while most just have a letter with a number on it. Not allot of effort was made to beautify this cemetery or give its interments a monument worthy of gandering at.

You have to understand that the people buried up at Weimar had their lives cut short more then often when you passed away the staff would take you out back bury you without any funeral or even guest. You were given a wood grave marker with a number posted to it and that was that. People that are buried in this cemetery were hill and it caused allot of paranoia or rather panic therefore families never really had a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. Some may have died and nobody was notified no friends no family so in retrospect this is a sad place but also an imperative paranormal investigation.

Besides this being a historical location its on the edge of the Tahoe National Forest which truly is a gem within the sierras especially in the foothills. With all the rain and snow creeks are flowing and their are some really pretty waterfalls. So I was hoping to catch a rare glimpse of the beauty that Coyote Creek offers behind the campus. As a matter in fact their are quite a few little creeks and at least 11 miles worth of trails back here. Its hard to believe that a place that once was so dismal is today so beautiful and as to where cures were lost today cures are won in today's modern medicine.

I could not wait to go here I have heard a few ghost stories but folks tend to get the Esoteric Fraternity confused with this one. So I can imagine if they are seeing little kids in the woods or ghostly nurses it is attributed to Weimar. The fact is that folks died here in these woods some of them may have had the chance to live out their last days cherishing the creeks, waterfalls and the woods. So everything I was going to see the patients did also. Back in the day sickness ran rampant throughout the west these mountains were some of the last things people seen simply because society at that time was not medically advanced enough to prevent tuberculosis let alone treat it! If you were ill you did not have the same rights as anyone else!

So after a long drive to get here we finally had made it they have guest parking therefore you have to hike back into this place. The trails tend to surround the old buildings on the property therefore you get to see the institute today along the hike which really makes for a great urban exploration. I feel blessed that the Seventh Day Adventist allow others to hike on their land and enjoy the trails here. I am not a religious guy but this is as close as to heaven as I was going to get and my adventure would begin here.

Weimar Sanatorium Cemetery

We parked at the entrance and gathered our backpacks to hike on in. It was shaping up to be a nice day the sun was coming out and it was already in the 50's A big difference since back home we were having rain, snow, winds and it was very cold. Its amazing how the Sierras can harbor Spring and Winter weather at the same time yet your separated only by miles. Its kind of hard to get your bearings hiking around here there are allot of buildings and multiple trails that go right off into the woods.

Our first site we wanted to see are the ponds I have to admit with all the floods and rain in the region it was a mud batch back here. We must had slipped quite a few times trying to make our way up and down the hilly terrain. While we were passing some of the properties oldest buildings a mother with her two sons asked us how to get to the chapel here. I know that on site is a library, store, inn, lodge, cafeteria, classrooms and residences. But my map does not show the chapel and it appeared that quite a few people were dressed very nicely for church walking around.

I believe I hiked behind the old inn, cafeteria and chapel before crossing Boardman Canal before heading out to the ponds. The portion I crossed was a flume with narrow wood boards you had to balance yourself on so that you could get to the first pond. The flume looks more like a giant water slide and perhaps it should have been considering how fast water was traveling through it.

The first pond had a giant fountain spewing water out of it in all different directions. The sun was hitting the mist just right causing a beautiful rainbow. However, the first pond is sewage treatment you probably would never even know it as the water was rather clear. Below the sewage pond are two marshy ponds all of them were full of bird life it was nice. While I was hanging on out I seen a lady jogging past one of the ponds. I can imagine that the students who attend college here probably utilize these trails mainly and some may not even be aware of the institutes earlier dark history.

Once you get past the ponds the forest become very dense I feel bad for Tammy you see she had to go to the bathroom so I told her go off the trail a little well she did and came back with a tick burrowing in her neck. So be careful here folks the forest back here is so overgrown and brush that it almost consumes the entire trail. The trails are very narrow once you get past the open ponds some have water rushing down them from the creeks flooding others have branches of brush growing over them. Therefore its important to check for ticks because its very lush back here behind the institute with the foliage.

It was a very muddy hike but eventually we came to a place in the woods where Coyote and Willow Creek meet. There are allot of bridges back here also one of them crossing Coyote Creek was on the verge of being washed away we could feel it buckling as we crossed it. If you fell in Coyote Creek it might be dangerous the water was raging with white water rapids and their was so major waterfalls being formed. We would take this trail called the Deer Path it was so overgrown so bad we had to duck for awhile and push through brush on both sides of the trail. As a matter in fact our feet had gotten soaked because water was flowing down the trail.

We took a nice long break up along the creek sitting on a bench in the woods. This forest is a maze of trails and creeks. I kind of think of compare this location to perhaps a rain forest its very dense there is thorns growing everywhere and its not so easy at times to go primitive or off the trail because its a bit rugged back here. Once your in these woods you wont see the institute let alone the cemetery hidden further back. Most people could hike on this areas trails all day and not come across the cemetery.

Eventually we hiked up to where Mount Misery Creek and Coyote Creek Converge. We actually had to cross Misery Creek because their was no bridge. I leaped it while my son and Tammy walked through it. Every time we hike we always pick on eachother on who is going to get wet lol. I try to stay dry on my hikes but sometimes it feels good to get wet and cool down. But the water flowing in these creeks comes down from the higher peaks so its mainly snow melt and it is very icy cold.

Eventually we veered up begin to climb up this hill on the Manzanita Trail. Its a nice little trail shaded by thousands of Manzanita Trees which have bark smoother then a babies ass no lie. I see these trees often in the foothills of the sierras but I also see them in Nevada in the foothills here also and they will cut you up if you try to push through them so you have to be careful. This trail was fairly wide but the trees that grow here are so dense that the branches loom over the trail barely allowing the sun to get through. More or less its a tunnel of trees for id say for about .4 miles. Once you come out of the Manzanita forest the cemetery is on a hillside to your left.

As a matter in fact the trail kind of graces the edge of the cemetery but I did see graves on both sides of the trail we were on. However, most of the graveyard is on the hill to the left and when you get to the top of that hill then it starts to go downhill into the forest again. Its a fairly large graveyard about 1450 gravesites on this hill. Its not your typical cemetery this was a potters field many of the graves are either unmarked or wood markers with a letter and number on them. All you can see for hundreds of feet is wooden grave markers row after row with brass disc attached to them.

Giant trees grow within the cemetery its shaded there are allot of leaves on the ground and between the forest you can actually see some academy buildings. The academy use to be a private boarding and high school back in the 80's. You see the Sanatorium has had multiple functions over the years its been a Center for disease, hospital, lung center, housing for refugees, high school, college and medical center. Out of the 1450 folks buried on this hill half of them died of illness here most from tuberculosis other folks were merely to much in poverty to be buried anywhere other then here.

While there are rows and rows of wooden grave markers there are many unmarked graves as well. Allot of the wooden grave markers are split in half, laying on the ground, broke, weathered or simply missing. Back in the day nobody had ever gotten a unique gravestone or marker therefore you were known as a number and letter even if family came to visit you. This was a poor mans graveyard some people buried here were just simply to poor to afford being buried at a more lavish graveyard.

If you hike around the cemetery there are at least 29 gravestones on the west side of the trail all were veterans. I read that they also had wooden grave markers and the Colfax Veterans of Foreign Wars removed them instead replacing them with stone memorials. Most of the veterans buried here served in either WWI or WWII. I found a few gravestones that were not veterans including a woman who had a flat marble stone residing in some brush overgrown near the trail. Allot of the veterans simply were given a small gravestone with a metal infused into it while others were a bit larger with more in depth inscriptions.

I took EMF Gauss readings here and EVP's. I bought a new thermal detector but forgot it at home sorry. I prep so much for our investigations between food, blankets, supplies etc that sometimes I forget to bring all my other gadgets lol. There was an open area in the cemetery where a bunch of graves were unmarked and my EMF detector at times kept going off here especially when I pointed it at the ground. Some of the readings were actually quite high. Trust me I been doing this a long time high EMF readings do not happen often when your in such a secluded forested cemetery like this.

We had a picnic in the cemetery it was very nice the thing is that most of the people buried here do not get many visitors and for the most part this cemetery is forgotten. Only a few researchers are working with this cemetery I happen to be one of them others though generally pass by here hiking and do not even take a glance sad to say. Yes it is a poor mans cemetery, potters field and burial ground for those who died at the Sanatorium but just like you or I they were people living life.

I try to be empathetic and I find this location to be a sad place. One can only imagine the fear, sadness, loneliness and pain these people felt. They had gotten ill and most knew that they were on their way to dying. Nurses and staff would transfer the bodies from the morgue rolling them up on a hill burying them sometimes that same night. Their were no amenities here and your family probably did not visit your grave because at the time all that you were given was a letter and a number. At times people would check in or ended up here because of falling ill so family may not have even been notified.

All them emotions in theory would carry over in the afterlife some folks buried here had lives cut short. Therefore I felt this cemetery was a good candidate for a paranormal investigation and also to create a project that others would remember the victims of the outbreak that occurred a century ago. Most folks probably do not know the cemetery exist because who would ever realize that the institute was a place where the hill came here to die or that it has a cemetery on campus. Today's institute kind of mask the areas history therefore most folks drive past it not realizing what this place at one time stood for.

Personally I felt it was serene here I am glad that I had gotten some readings that was pretty cool. This is a cemetery you have to work to get to. If you are a student or professor here you can get pretty close to the cemetery but that would take the fun out of hiking in the forest something I really love doing in this mountain range. Its very quiet back here I drank a beer and toked a bowl back here consider it my own way to honor the dearly departed.

Something else happened strange back here to but I was smoking my pipe, drinking a soda and taking a few readings. I turned around and seen a pale woman enter the cemetery from the woods then take this narrow trail that was overgrown. She never once looked at us id thought if someone entered a creepy cemetery in the woods they would at least look to see who we were. I mean I know when I go anywhere I always check out my surroundings so that way if I am off by myself I know who is who and what is what if that makes sense. This lady looked like she was confused or walking around in a daze then went through the northern part of the cemetery and cut down this trail. I waited about a minute then I walked over to the path she was gone vanished just like that. I am not even sure if this woman was a ghost or human I just found it odd is all.

Also in the cemetery is a kiosk which shows three different areas with letters and numbers with each associated gravesite. However, the kiosk only has a few names listed and by studying it further my guess is that only a few hundred grave sites are listed which means that graves probably extend fairly deep into the forest and many are simply not marked. Allot of folks buried here came to this area in the 1800's from small railroading and mining towns nearby. They were in a sense the original settlers of the area and my guess would be they might be forever lost on this hill. The kiosk needs work letters and numbers do not tell me names. All the kiosk does is show you the layout where most of the graves are missing there numbers or wood markers.

If you decide to leave the cemetery and head towards the academy yes their is an academy trail just across the trail is a small sign which says Weimar Sanatorium Cemetery. The oldest gravesites are found at this location all the down the hill they extend into the forest. I could not believe how many more graves I found in the woods down the side of the hill beyond the sign. This part of the graveyard is very overgrown allot of vines, trees, bushes etc and the wood grave markers slightly differ then the graves up on the hill on the west side of the trail. I found a few more veterans gravestones down the hillside then a series of five to six flat stones side by side of teachers and all god fearing women based on the inscriptions I read. The women all had stones made of granite and marble all which have died in the last 10 years or so. So that told me the cemetery time to time still gets some use. My guess would be is that their is a section for the institutes staff if they wish to be buried here.

Between the veterans and school staff there are quite a few grave stones scattered throughout the woods. However, there are hundreds of wood markers as well and its hard to tell where the cemetery begins or ends. There are graves along the Manzanita, Frontier and Academy Trails so its fairly extensive. I took my time exploring the hills for graves taking readings and spending time with the dearly departed. Despite that the cemetery is maintained it needs work these people deserve more then just a letter and number. So many grave markers are missing it might be hard to find out who and where each interment is. I heard that burial records 1 to 107 have been officially lost so just something also to make note of.

Eventually we would leave I did not want to its so beautiful here plus your at about 2280' in the lower sierras so most of the year the weather is gorgeous. We could hear the creeks running and really it was very serene. But we eventually would have to fly as we had another investigation plus trying to find some good eats on this trip so we grabbed our packs then set off to walk around the institute a little more.

I descended onto the academy which is in the back of the institute. At one time the academy was a boarding high school. Today its probably used more for college students as there are multiple buildings one of them the door was wide open we could hear folks passing by. The school even has its own luxurious bus, shuttle and I even seen the deans house up close. I am not sure what every building is they might be class rooms, workshops or dorms. The structures on site appear to be made of wood and stone but as old as they are I cant say they stood here when the Sanatorium was in full operation.

Their are some beautiful homes back here including a couple large A frame homes. The lawns are so green, nature is everywhere, trees canopy the grounds and it truly is a nice place. On my journey through campus I walked pass a few professors and everyone was so nice to me. All the women wear long dresses and men wear suits. People are always laughing and smiling back here its just a friendly place. Yet everyone here said hi to me and welcomed me with open arms. I am sure that very few outsiders ever really walk around the institute its just a hunch.

They are building some sort of amphitheater in the woods below the old academy while further up the road there is one made of stone on a hillside. All we did was walk around the entire perimeter of the campus taking academy road all the way to the front entrance. Their are quite a few projects going on to improve the institute we seen some renovations being done. Which is great to see since this location a few years ago nearly became abandoned forever. I did not want to seem intrusive so I just passed through campus I mean there is an area here where folks live in RV's and well really the institute is not just a school but its also a private community. We did have to cross Coyote Creek again once we went around the Academy it was raging right past the campus I can imagine this area might even be prone to flooding which might explain why some gravemarkers had been washed away on the hill.

Their also appeared to be a garage or auto shop I believe that the school has one and behind it is an older building with some boards and broken windows on it. That building looks like it was part of the old Sanatorium or hospital its pretty spooky looking. Their was also a swing set with a few tire swings and some children's toys here. I mean lets face it this is not just a school their also is church services here too so its not uncommon to see kids playing at the institute here. Their are quite a few yellow buildings here most are made of wood with giant long glass windows found throughout the campus. The buildings found here are very unique very similar to the ones up at the old Nevada City Asylum.

I also seen this giant stone circular wall with pillars throughout it perhaps this is where a water tank once sat but I cant say for sure it might have been instead a sewage tank. But more then likely it was a tank that provided water for the patients at the Sanatorium and hospital staff. You have to understand that the institute is in the boonies their were no amenities here when the build this place. But the Sanatorium was very state of the art for its time you had multiple counties sending the sick here throughout California and other parts of the country. My guess would be that very little of the original Sanatorium exist today so the old concrete pillars were a symbol of this sites past.

I really love this place I know it has a dark past but today life exist everywhere on campus such as beautiful flowers growing everywhere, moms walking around with their kids, professors talking to other professors and I even seen a group of the mentally challenged all walking together at the administration center and relaxing outside. I also seen a few doctors offices and many of the campuses main buildings such as the library, newstart building, cafeteria, store, welcome center and administration office. I did not look around to closely at the buildings but some of them seem to be unused or merely empty. So my guess would be is that the entire campus is currently not being used or at least only parts of it are. Most buildings do not have any blinds, shades or drapes on them. My guess would be is that they do this purposely to let natural light pour in since the campus is heavily shaded by many large trees.

On my way out I talked to a gentlemen on campus who smiled at me and we talked about how gorgeous of a day it was. I had one mother tell me she is going to bring her kids hiking back where we were at. People here are very kind this is a good place all around between the cemetery, history and a place of education. Yeah I am not a very theological man we all have our own beliefs but I respect this institute and what it stands for. Its kind of ironic that people came here at one time to die of illness and today people come here seeking a cure or to better there knowledge on advancements in the medical field.

But at one time this campus was dismal people were coughing up blood, crying, scared, alone and crammed into rooms. At one time as many as 500 patients were all hospitalized at the same time. Then later down the road after it went from a Sanatorium to a Hospital it became a place for Hope called Hope Village. A place where Vietnamese refugees lived and sought to become Americans and build a life for themselves. I do not want to sound all political but most of our families in America at one time came from another country and they were emigrants here. Most of the wild west was built by the Chinese and Emigrants from all over the world especially during the gold rush. Most professors come from other parts of the world and all that cultural food some of you are eating came from families who moved to America to build lives here.

Part of being a paranormal investigator for me is not just about chasing the strange but its about culture, history and also getting out in the community to meet others. I meet allot of people doing what I do believe me. I learn new things all the time but I also get to see places that others tend to overlook and so this is more then just a cemetery. I have no doubt that their are ghosts that haunt these old buildings or the cemetery. Their is allot of different energies here and your talking about hundreds of people who died on this grounds a horrible death. At times you kind of feel watched here especially back in the woods its just an odd feeling I never was able to shake. I kept feeling like someone or something was back here just watching us the entire time and I felt the same way hiking around the institute. It might just be me looking into things to much but like I said there is allot of history here and with history comes ghosts!

This place means something to me its ashamed more folks do not care about these locations like are group or I do. Once we get it up on our site thousands can enjoy this location for years to come and really learn more in depth about the history found back here which surrounds this cemetery. Will be able to do something good a public service maybe put this place on the map so others can also learn about the institute a little.

I remember years ago it was 2001 maybe 2002 but my first Sanatorium that I investigated was up in Dansville NY they called it the castle on the hill. In a way it was like a fortress or castle it was nothing like this location. This location had big open buildings with large glass windows while the building up in Dansville was made of stone and in a way was a bit more concealed. While one looked more like a hospital the other looked more like a fortress yet both had similar history but also were places that the hill came for comfort and eventually to pass away. Roaming the grounds of the institute in a way brought back memories of that Sanatorium I journeyed at a few times in NY. I find Sanatoriums tend to be places where the dearly departed haunt their halls perhaps because they have nowhere else to go or their lives were simply cut short.

Times have changed though with medical advancements places like this are no longer needed and most people do not need to be quarantined because medical advancements have allowed us to find cures for diseases that did not exist a century ago. Its quite sad to see the cemetery on the hill above the institute knowing that most of these people fell to sickness. At the same time the institute is bringing new light to this 500 acre woodsy historic site. The cemetery does need work but its the largest historical remnant that remains of the old Sanatorium.

After we left this location we were only a few miles away so I finally had gotten the opportunity to do some research up at the old Colfax Cemetery.

Colfax Cemetery

I have been trying to do research at this cemetery for over a year now. I passed by it a few times but the first time I did was when we did an adventure up in Iowa Hill which today is a semi ghost town above the American River.

Colfax was formed when the Central Pacific Railroad workers created a camp here. This was an important place as the countries first transcontinental railroad was being built. That is one of the most fascinating perks of traversing route 80 is you find allot of small towns that once started off as railroad camps. Where the town resides today was the first western leg of the transcontinental but it also was the terminus for the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Colfax is mentioned in Jules Verne's book Around The World In Eighty Days and the town was named after Shuyler Colfax a vice president and speaker of the house in the 1860's. Prior to that it was called Alder Grove and Illinoistown. It also had allot of Chinese laborers and emigrants who came here simply to find work on the railroad.

Therefore, with that being said you needed a cemetery for all the folks who came here to either work on the railroad or who made lives here. This is a true pioneer cemetery although large its not a huge cemetery and it resides on a hill overlooking the town below. I also read the original cemetery nearby had been relocated to this hill then it was expanded three different times.

When I pulled in I could clearly see the oldest gravestones were in the middle of the cemetery on top of a hill while the east end only had a few interments. They continue to expand the cemetery for new burials but the oldest sections are grave to grave.

I love visiting many of the old pioneer cemeteries here out west because you have so many fraternal groups and those fraternities really put allot of work into their gravestones. But also lets not forget the beautiful ornate wrought iron and history on this hill really makes it worth also visiting.

Some of the first Deacons and Priest came to Colfax to spread Catholicism here before moving on to other nearby towns like Iowa Hill and Dutch Flat. A church and cemetery would be erected at Iowa Hill but once fires and storms plagued the area blowing down the church services were moved to the Colfax Cemetery. As a matter in fact St. Dominic's Parish in Colfax has been taking care of this cemetery along with the ones up on Banjo Hill in Iowa Hill for many years.

When I was done investigating this cemetery I did visit St. Dominic's because they have the old church bell from Iowa Hill when the church collapsed. So really their are some direct correlations between Iowa Hill and Colfax especially when it comes to this cemetery. So for me this was an important project because it ties into the area as a while when it comes to other projects we worked on nearby.

Tammy and I spent a fairly long time here their are some really amazing gravestones if your willing to take the time to look around. On this hill you can see for miles of rolling hills and national forest including some snowy mountains of the high sierra.

The cemetery has old large trees its rather shady and there is a giant tree stump which I climbed on top of in the middle of the cemetery. Its less like winter here and more like Spring as I could see nature throughout. The lower sierras differ climate wise as opposed to the high sierras which are drenched right now in snow.

I did get some EMF readings but they were on the low end of the spectrum so it could be anything not necessarily ghost. But you never know I mean this is an old place some of the graves been vandalized. I read a few newspaper articles about it prior to visiting and some of the oldest most historic graves were simply toppled by vandals.

I know vandals read my reports and visit my site so know if you do this and I catch you chances are I am going to kick your ass. I think these people that do this are disrespectful, evil and mental! Allot of the people buried here were the first pioneers to come out west and many of them built the railroad which sparked growth here. Some of the stones are of children who died of epidemics and others passed away due to illness at the old Weimar Sanatorium.

Every single grave has a story here and I could see that many of the vandalized stones were repaired. However, they will never be the same as one monument was broke in half was re cemented but their is a huge fissure in the middle of it. Like I said and ill say it again these were people to and their gravestones are the only way we have any idea of whom they were.

I did walk around the entire cemetery a couple times its quiet here but you can still here vehicles on interstate 80 unlike the Weimar Institute Cemetery. Most folks will see this cemetery if they decide they want to go up to Iowa Hill. Many folks who lived there days out up on Iowa Hill were brought to Colfax for burial.

After our investigation of the cemetery I did visit the church I guess mass was beginning soon as people begin to pour in the church. This does not look like the original church my guess is they renovated it or built a newer one. But from what I know this parish is quite old in Colfax and has always been around since the first pioneers came here. But if you want to see the old Iowa Hill bell St. Dominic's has a plaque with it in front of the church. That bell at one time could be heard all throughout downtown Iowa Hill in an excerpt I read in a book.

After a day of crazy weather in the high sierras, mud slide detours, hiking in the Tahoe National Forest to a forgotten Sanatorium Cemetery and exploring the graveyard here in Colfax it was time for some good eats. Sometimes when I am on a journey I like to try new restaurants get involved with the local culture other times I simply just need a beer.

I drive for hundreds of miles in the mountains to see these locations the work is very tedious. Its not just the driving part but sometimes hiking around from sunrise till sunset. We do not short ourselves of seeing the paranormal or experiencing a little history. Therefore, after a hard days of research we had dinner at TJ's Roadhouse which is a restaurant and saloon.

I like to try search out some good eats or diamonds in the ruff that maybe not allot of visitors know about. It sure beats McDonalds eh? So we went out for a few drinks and some good food. My son and I ordered a Philly we love to try Philly's all over the west coast and there's is pretty awesome. We also had spicy hot wings and since my mouth was on fire id say they were pretty good. After a few beers and some coffees it was time to make the trek back home.

For me its a rough trek because I have to go through Donner Pass and through Truckee which right now has had days upon days of snow. So their are mud slides, avalanche risk, black ice, detours etc its a mess. It is the high sierras and there is no way around it right now if you want to enjoy these beautiful places in the lower sierras first you must conquer the mountains to get here going all the way to the top then for many miles climbing off of them to end up in places like Weimar and Colfax. Was it worth some risk? You bet! We ate well and had gotten to really enjoy some less known historic sites all within the beauty of the Tahoe Forest.

I really cant wait to put these places on our website. Every time I do research or a case I just want to share with the world what we experienced. Its so important to make these places known so they are not forgotten. It might even help to draw in others who want to help preserve these locations, restore them and maybe build off of our research as well. To me these were more then just a couple cemeteries but others might just see only cemeteries. So our aim to make the public see these locations for more then what they are.

I would like to do some ghost towns everyone but we been slammed for weeks with floods, washed out roads, snow, dams breaking etc. Its not a pretty winter most of the mines, mills and ghost towns in Nevada reside on miles of remote dirt roads. People are getting stuck or stranded throughout Nevada trying to visit them and its not pretty. Therefore, right now I am limited to where I can travel and what kind of adventures I can bring to our viewers. I cant even get to most of the ghost towns I had on our itinerary therefore instead I was able to get up to Weimar and Colfax to bring you guys these gems instead so we hope you enjoy them on our site once I add them!
Lord Rick
PGS Founder

PS This report is a rough draft only and may be subject to renditions once it gets finalized on our website.

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