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*NEW* Updates On Our Site "The Sparks Estate" An All American Haunting!

Let me tell you that adding this beautiful historic 1940's haunted estate onto my website brings joyful tears to my eyes and even better to share it with all of you who love the paranormal. I been working with this location for over a year so I am constantly hearing tales about the paranormal happenings here but also I experience some things first hand for myself. Finally I was able to add our first investigation of the estate to our site and its finally complete but still an ongoing project.

Let me tell you what is coming with this update EVP's, ghostly photos, beautiful nature photography, almost three hours of film and so much more its fully loaded. I did not work on this project over night lets leave it at that the investigation however I did took place throughout the night back in October of 2015 and the haunts still continue.

I had infrared evidence too but its been lost you can thank the security company for that one they do not archive incidents and well I did not know that so when I went to save it all it was gone. I am not worried though I have access to infrared cams 24 hours a day and their is no shortage of ghost activity here so with that being said I am sure there will be more.

This addition on our site has all sorts of strange happenings some of them I recorded on video you can check out our documentary called "An All American Haunting" as well which can be found on our site and through our youtube. I did a great job I like to think compiling it all together during our investigation of the estate.

The activity here never ceases to exist were talking full disembodied apparitions, screams, floors bleeding, knocking, banging, cold spots, hot spots, whispers, boxes vanishing, electronics turning on, closets opening, objects being displaced or vanishing, furniture being rearranged, ghostly footsteps and running. The list goes on and on and on making it in my opinion one of the most haunted houses in the state of Nevada.

Their is an interview with Tammy I filmed the first two months of the office being situated as today its less of a home and for business purposes only. So that is another nice feature we incorporated into the investigation. Tammy spends more time here then I do but I do visit the estate often day or night. I also watch the ghost cams including one set up in the basement to monitor paranormal activity here.

Our real all nighter investigation will transpire later this year near Christmas. Right now what I am doing is trying different times of the year to see if activity is heightened and it appears that anytime from October till the New Year seems to be the most active time period of the year as far as haunting's go here.

This is a really fantastic place your going to enjoy it do not pass it by this is a good case and a solid one. Not like the shit you see on television I mean I talk to others about experiences here. I know when I was helping out here I was alone and all of sudden there was banging in the next office. I literally heard that same evening a woman scream in the basement and seen a closet open by itself. The place is haunted and you guys all get to enjoy it the same way I did so check it out! Do not let its charm or coziness fool you there is a ghostly couple that haunts its halls!

You can check it out directly on our website at or if you wish to go through the epilogue you can do so on the main page of our site by clicking the investigation archives button where you will find it filed in:

Gateway 4/Portal 26

The Sparks Estate Prologue Page
The Sparks Estate Team Stills
The Sparks Estate Team Investigative
The Sparks Estate Nightfall
The Sparks Estate B&Ws
The Sparks Estate Nature Gallery
The Sparks Estate The Lobby
The Sparks Estate The Offices
The Sparks Estate The Basement
The Sparks Estate The Kitchen
The Sparks Estate Conference Rooms
The Sparks Estate The Restrooms
The Sparks Estate Dismal Halls
The Sparks Estate Videos
The Sparks Estate Infrared Evidence (Coming In The Future)
The Sparks Estate EVP's
The Sparks Estate Investigation 1 Reports & Evidence
The Sparks Estate Investigation 2 Coming Dec. 2017
The Sparks Estate Investigation 3 Coming In The Future

This truly is a gem sometimes the locations folks do not know about turn out to be some of the best paranormal hot spots. We are lucky to have access to such a place like this so we can continue to do some real credible research and parapsychology studies.

The next addition that ill add to the site but it wont be till next week is our night investigation of Silver Terrace Cemetery up in Virginia City. Its another really special place a true wild western historical wonder.

I wish that I had put out The Sparks Estate earlier this week but honestly I do not half ass my work. I had it almost done then it took me a couple days to put together the documentaries then over a day to upload it. Between fixing my vehicle out in the rain and taking care of all these other things I am just glad that its finally done and live on the website.

I will keep cases and the paranormal coming trust me when I say that. But if I do I also hope for others to believe and support us along our journeys. So always check out our website additions, paranormal cases and explorations. So that you can see what were trying to do here and the adventures that we take. Have a great weekend there will be an investigation this weekend of two cemeteries one is on the grounds of a sanitarium other then that its time to party my friends!

Were getting so much rain where I am at were having floods hell Lake Tahoe today is so rough their is white caps you can go surfing lol. Crazy huh? But I am an all weather type of guy so its time to go with it and embrace the journey!

Peace Out,
Lord Rick
PGS Founder
Author, Producer, Paranormal Investigator and Talk Show Host

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Sightings of cryptids can happen anywhere but these 3 Californian cryptids have been repeatedly sighted for decades. #cryptozoology #weirdcalifornia

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A mini investigation I did using a trigger object.

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Dredd vs Mars Attacks cover
By: Greg Staples

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Now this is one Huge cat. Lol... Had to share wirh para-community animal lovers.
+Lord Rick​ Hows your cat "Porky" doing?

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Happy 420 everyone hope you celebrate from afar with me. Well I been resting the past day or so trying to catch up on sleep and all from jet leg. Hawaii was great not sure ill ever forget that place for me it was a dream come true. I smoked the best bud, drove around the island, hiked around volcanoes, swam with tropical fish and the list goes on and on. In between I did do some paranormal investigations I find the big island to be rather haunted. I went to a haunted trail in the woods along the ocean one of the most haunted places but also I rented for a week a house which turned out to be quite haunted even the owner told me it is so I thought that was bad ass. I did allot during my week there seen the painted church, visited a couple ghost town sites, ancient Hawaiian villages where their was this great wall, snorkeling, visited volcano national monument, watched lava driving along the ocean, visited the zoo, tropical gardens, couple cemeteries, lava tree park, seen beautiful waterfalls, ancient battlegrounds and burial grounds, fished in Hilo, visited the Macadamia Nut Plantation, went spelunking in lava tubes and so much more. That is why I have not been on much because I been so busy hiking and traveling. Its good to be home relaxing although I wish I had more time in Hawaii. There is something nice about getting away from the technology sure I brought my laptop but I hardly looked at it. The one thing I can say bad about Hawaii is its drivers I had a lady run me clear off the road onto the grass and another guy was driving head on at night in the opposite lane probably drunk. Some of the natives are not that nice either I had some dude chase me with a sword seriously and I was not even on his property. Its a different culture on the big island such as language, foods, traditions etc. I think the worst part of the trip was the flying and running around. I almost did not get home due to a security delay up in Kona. Also allot of things are closed trails, parks, hikes etc kind of a let down. I went to the volcano national park and nothing was open I did see lava and the caldera which is breathtaking though. The island is not large most days I drove right across it the views are breathtaking you have high desert, jungle, woods etc so many types of eco systems. It did rain everyday I was there sometimes 5 to 10 times a day most of the time for 20 minutes then it would stop. The cottage I rented was on the primitive part of the island nearest grocery store 10 miles. It was a nice place in the rain forest a short hiking trail to the beach woods everywhere a nice little jungle house. I slept well every night as it rained hard leaving the entire home just open. I ended up getting bad sunburn also not sure how it was cloudy and I was snorkeling but got fried my second day in so I had to wear a shirt while in the water the rest of the trip. I did manage to film with my gopro some aquatic life however not much. My fins broke, my go pro goggles broke and my expensive underwater cam broke. My first day it did great over the reef the second day 90 percent of my films would not write to the card and the cam froze up. I got it to work the next day went to Richardson Beach no fish it was to packed because of Easter day. So the next day I decided to go back to my favorite reef filmed an hour of tropical fish n sea turtles got back to my cottage it did not save the movie so I lost it all and was really upset. My trip I guess had its ups and downs the dumb airport lost Tammy's ID in the machine they found it but it took allot of bitching at TSA to get there BS together because as you know no ID means you will be detained at the airport and stranded. All in all things had a way of working on I burned a ton of music, toked ate marijuana edibles all day every day ate some good food and had a blast. My son and I also caught a 30lb puffer fish hell we caught a few but never caught anything we could fillet. I wish I had gotten a charter boat but time was almost out and there was none on the eastern end of the island. I stayed just below volcanoes national park right on the ocean so its primitive there not many towns, stores etc allot of nature activities which is why I chose to stay where I did in Hawaii. In a sense my trip seemed surreal maybe even magical kind of hard to believe I was cruising to my music around the big island swimming with tropical fish or just grabbing my pack and going into caves on a blink of a dime. I seen allot of things on this last adventure and had a nice time. Although I probably will not go back to Hawaii I do have many other great trips planned in the future. I did on a lighter note drink allot of Kona Coffee. Eventually sometime within a few days ill type up a report about my journeys and post personal pictures. I kind of been busy handling things here back home so I have not been on much. It probably will be a few more days before updates on our site resume, paranormal news goes out on our community and page and I am back on track. Hawaii was amazing but I would never live there honestly I hate being confined on all sides by water it really puts a limitation on your ability to journey. The island is one giant paradise its actually one of the only jungles that wont kill you. But it is not very large maybe 80 miles across. Most of my friends told me its expensive here but actually food, groceries, gas etc are not that much higher then where I live. Their was plenty of free stuff to do for example the zoo was free so was spelunking and quite a few other places I checked out. The island has its fair share of ghost trust me I was fairly surprised at the various paranormal activity I experienced on this trip. I guess you can say I got to experience a little of everything on this trip. Sometimes you wish it did not end but for me I cant be gone for to long I have cats, dogs and chickens which keep me quite busy. But normality should resume in a couple more days my friends. I am moving into a new place in two months so ill be very busy on and off packing up my house. I was informed by the home owner this morning that he is going to retire here so I have to relinquish my house which sucks. No I am not moving far staying in the area and based on my cost to move there might not be any trips or investigations for a couple months just because its going to cost me over 3k to move and so that comes before spending tons of money on traveling. So that was pretty much it in a nutshell won a little money yesterday at the casino lost my phone lucky they found it. I had to catch up on all my shows on the DVR and other then that just resting.I cant seem to catch up with the rest maybe because in Hawaii id go all day and be up before sunup ready to adventure some more who knows. So that sums up the past 9 to 10 days for me. I unpacked doing laundry I know fun right? It is always good to be back home but I certainly will miss exploring that island and all it has to offer. I say that about most of the places I go that their never is enough time to see it all lol. Being an explorer I could journey all day everywhere and anywhere but that is just me. :)

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Strange Events are taking place at Rozendaal. Check out my latest Holland Creature update! Greetings Mike Soze.

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Thank you dear +Lord Rick​ for sharing. Very interesting multiple cemeteries.


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Get ready Para-Community to crank it up!!

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