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You are invited to a cookout
Saturday October 17th, 2015 from 12 to 3PM at 124 Greenhill Road

Most likely the last cookout of the season to have fun, eat, and hangout and meet your neighbors. Our house will be open even in unpleasant weather. Even if you only have a moment come by and say hi.

To RSVP visit
or call Daniel at 903-326-3261

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Congratulations to our very own Kathleen as #Greenbelt's 2014 Outstanding Citizen! See

Copied and pasted from the Greenbelters Yahoo List (with names removed)
Home invasion robbery in Lakewood
Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:26 pm (PDT) .

I have received reports that there have been two home invasion robberies in the Lakewood subdivision, off of Greenhill Road. On Sunday
an individual giving away clothes from a deceased relative had two individuals come into his home, a male and a female. They refused to leave, and while one distracted him the other searched through the house. They stole a wedding ring and other valuable objects. Today the same individual had to leave his front door open to dry after painting it, and while he was working in his back yard someone came in and stole his wallet and cash and what few valuables were left.

Suspects from the Sunday incident are a Hispanic male and Hispanic or light-skinned black female, both of slight build. The male suspect took knives from the kitchen and used them in a somewhat warning/menacing manner. Those suspects have been seen on the area of Crescent Road and Northway, laying on benches. There is no description of the suspects from today's incident.

 Re: Home invasion robbery in Lakewood

Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:40 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

Thanks for the heads' up! This is why I always LOCK both the front & back doors if I'm home but upstairs for any length of time. This awful experience confirms that it is not overdoing it to lock up. It also blows away the notion that "if someone wants to steal something they're gonna do it anyway, and they'll just break in if the house is locked." In fact, a locked door will protect and prevent theft, in most cases. I have heard of people who knock first as a test. They'll have some excuse ready in case somebody does answer, such as "Oh, I must have the wrong house" etc. If nobody answers, because they're busy, watching TV, in the yard, etc. and don't hear the knock, the thief will try the door and if it's unlocked, they enter and grab anything of value they can get quickly....Laptops, wallets, tools etc.....and they're gone in seconds. It's not paranoid to lock up house and car. It's so little trouble to protect your home, yourself and your loved ones, and belongings that could be difficult or costly to replace. I'm sorry somebody suffered this awful experience.

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I had so much fun at the picnic! I wonder what ever it could have been? Actually I had as much fun throwing the football with my neighbor Bob. Hope to see everyone again and with any luck more of our neighbors will be able to come join in the fun!

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This is a really late post of crocuses blooming in my yard in late March but I was recently inspired to post them after Susan of GreenbeltLive posted her incredible photo montage of various gardens near Greenbelt was posted. Here is my (late) contribution!
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Check out the moon bounce we will have at the picnic!

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On behalf of our association, flowers and this card were given to our dear neighbors, the Hawks, for the passing of their mother who had reached the age of 101.
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Please join us for the next meeting of the Greenbelt Lakewood Civic Association (GLCA).  Meet your neighbors, voice your opinions and help us plan a May neighborhood block party.
GLCA Meeting: Saturday, April 5
Location: Greenbelt Baptist Church
Time: 9:30-11:00 AM
Meeting Topics
·       Neighborhood Block Party
·       GLCA phone directory

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I met Alessandra Schneider at Greenbelt Baptist Church last week while waiting for a contractor and was impressed with her devotion in training the children in the musical arts. If you have young children and are looking for music lessons in nearby you may want to consider contacting her either directly or through the church office.
  #Music #Greenbelt #Maryland
Suzuki Violin Program in Greenbelt
Suzuki Violin Program in Greenbelt
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