It's hard to find love or a relationship with some one who shares the same interests as you so lets make it easy. Share a Pic and tell us about your self. If interested in the post of the person leave a comment about a brief description of yourself and if the person likes what the read about you give it a +1    and maybe start talking.

Just Have fun?

Lets be fair not everyone has the courage to cosplay. So be nice and respectful and remember its all about having fun. Judgement free Zone. 

We each have an EPIC moment in real life share it with your fellow otaku's.

This tab as you guessed is for anything related to manga. Have fun! 

Hi Just letting you know this Discussion tab is to talk about anything. SO have fun!

Share any music you like or hate just don't let the music Die.

Share Pics and see what the world thinks.

To Make friends faster and easier just leave a brief statement about your self and see if anyone whats to talk or will add you.

Did anyone else read the last chapter of Naruto shippuden 700? 
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