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Name: Drew S143
Age: 32
Rank: officer
Faction: U.N.S.C
Weapon: sniper, assault rifle and knife
Bio: Part of gold team. Help in defending reach and earth. Marksman of the team.
Gender: male
Homeworld: Reach
Armor ability: acctive camouflage 
Hair: blonde
Eyes blue
Height: 6"2 with armor 5"8 without armor


If you want I could be a person who dies, cause I really don't care.

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Full name: Agent Washington
Xbox Gamertag: Sorry, that's classified
Service Tag: WA
Nickname: Wash
Race: I'm not telling you
Gender: Male
Clan: Freelancers, Blue
Weapons of Choice: Battle Rifle, Magnum
Description:Everything can be traced back to Project Freelancer, a military organization gone horribly wrong. The men in charge were corrupt and the soldiers who followed them were blind. Guess which side I was on? Eventually it was the project's own creations that tore it to pieces and I was the one sent out to pick them up. I recovered weapons, armor, and A.I. fragments, all in an effort to keep the wrong people from getting them first; but I was too slow. Everyone fought over the remnants of Project Freelancer. I didn't think I could believe in anyone anymore. But then... I met the Reds and Blues.

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Here is my emblem

Name: Matsiro Kirkwood
Nickname: I don't really care
Service Tag: MATS
Faction: Undecided (Could play a part in story perhaps?)
Weapon Preference: Sniper Rifle
Likes: Chicken Nuggets
Dislikes: Profanity, Hatred, Lists
Gender: Male
Age: 29

P.S.: I'm trying to do this on a different device than I am used to. I'm not really sure how to copy paste on said device, so my profile might be missing a few things.

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Gamertag: Mastersteve118

Name: Kilo

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Rank: Captain

Height: 7'4"

Weight: 393lbs

Likes: Tex, friends, having fun, bars,

Dislikes: Jerks, big egos, traitors

Weapon preference: Energy sword, Battle rifle and Boltshot


Hair color: White

Eye color: Grey

Race: White

Body type: Lean

Faction: ONI HeadHunters Division

Bio: ((will work on it))

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