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Name: Alex
Age: 14
gender: colt/male
personality: happy, bright, and always willing to help
likes: band, the clarinet, nice, helpful people
dislikes selfish people
bio: at the age of 11, his mother died, but other than that, he's had a happy life

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name: Night Song
age: 16
gender: male
cutie mark: calligraphy pen (not in image)
bio: he has always loved nightmare night, and when Princess Luna came back he was overjoyed, best friends with Final Moon.
likes: writing, the rain, night
dislike: being stared at (phobia level)

Ok so, you need a picture of yourself (it doesnt have to be an actual picture of your human self) likes, dislikes, personality,..... that stuff,... once you post your info i will give you a Friendship Academy Badge! Also i'll give you your dorm room key but you can have a  house off campus to umm if you want that is,.... I hope you'll make lots of new friends at The Friendship Academy! 
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