I want to get in touch with parents of vaccine free kids
Mine are 4+6
Both are girls

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Following the increase in cases of autism and other immune disorders among some particularly vulnerable people, several recognized specialists are questioning the safety of large-scale vaccination. Despite the serious side effects, pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession and government authorities continue to bury their heads in the sand, refusing to see a serious problem. In Quebec, the United States and France, as in most industrialized countries, victims are almost without recourse despite the high toxicity of substances such as mercury and aluminum contained in vaccines. With this hard-hitting documentary, Lina B. Moreco highlights a very worrying public health problem.

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Flu vaccine season is nearly here!

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From a friend ~
Credit to Kim Brennan for posting this
"Let me explain something to you all:
WI-38 is the cell lines from a FEMALE aborted fetus, used to cultivate viruses used in vaccines. When you inject the DNA from a FEMALE (carrying two X chromosomes) into a MALE (who already carries one X chromosome and a weaker Y chromosome) you now have an overload of the X chromosome. Now we have an onslaught of BOYS who think they should be GIRLS.
Do we have male DNA in vaccines? YES! The MRC-5 is the code given to the fetal cell line also used to cultivate vaccine viral components, and it comes from a MALE aborted fetus. Do we have girls thinking they are boys? YES! Is it as prominent as boys wanting to be girls? NO!
Why? Because girls have two dominant X chromosomes. When they are injected with a vaccine containing MRC-5, they aren't just getting a Y chromosome, but yet another dominant X chromosome, on top of the two they already have. That's why you don't see as many girls wanting to be boys as you do the other way around.
The Baphomet is half-male, half-female, blurring the lines. He is in charge of those who are mandating vaccines...they either kill, maim, or confuse our society. Nothing afflicting our children is our fault. It's all damage from a spiritual battle that we are losing.
Many thanks to Lee Stape for this magnificent information."

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The Seasonal Flu vaccine isn't what you thought it was

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How do vaccines work? they take a little bit of the disease that is dead and injected into you so your body knows how to deal with it in the future if you ever get it. It doesn't get rid of the full disease it just helps you treat it from fully harming you.

P.s. I'm pro-vaccination

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