Sweet Georgia Brooke Godwin Bright11:20 AM1
there was never freedom here that is the truth .. this USA robbed this land by genociding the Natives, then built on slavery of African people, They have never done what is right. They have been Genociding many cultures gobally the whole time and have not stoped. Currently the new choice to genocide is Syria.
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Sweet Georgia Brooke Godwin Bright11:20 AM
Seems their highest aim currently is to eliminate all Middel Easterns.

Sweet Georgia Brooke Godwin Bright11:21 AM
We can not trust no Country leaders for they all stand by listlessly as Deathing of Fathers Mothers Children continues as well as Destorying of Nature

Sweet Georgia Brooke Godwin Bright11:23 AM
there is no freedom in any place in the world because human rights are unknown. Main point is you can not just live on a property, with your children as you see fit you are required by laws to be dependant on some system . This is them saying they are our Gods. For this is human rights, you have a right to your own body, mind, heart, emotions, words, and actions and nothing else. No one is fit to rule no one we are all Sovereign. Full of Lies the whole World

Hay sparten 5 come at me
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