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Hi, I decided to list a bunch of websites for information streaming and reading. I'll be adding a bunch every now and then and compile and categorize everyone's suggestions.

You're free (recommended!) to contribute - anything goes, as long as it's on the web, it's informative and its topics is inclined to the smarts (fashion and video game blogs generally don't count; travel blogs and story-reading podcasts and even science Tumblrs do). Individual webpages don't count. If you're not sure if it counts, go ahead and suggest it anyway. Submit suggestions in the comment section. (fiction stories) (trivia on crack) (language learner) (humorous philosophy comics) (vocabulary game that donates to charity) (education; helps for school too) (science) OR (question-answer with verified? professionals)


Note that I want this to be as wide and varied as possible, so even if the website has controversial or strong political/ideological/ect. leanings or biases I'm probably going to add it to the list anyway. Possibly with a warning.

comment your suggestions :3

It's been a year since I wrote this and I'm still updating it. Go comment your suggestions!

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Your local nerd comes back to visit.

I'm not really learning a language right now, but I just encountered this anyway and I think it's pretty cool. Learning language tips from experts.


You're totally free to post something. Despite the last post having being posted a year ago.

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If you want to watch the full animation short:
It's about the adventures of a rock. 

I love Seth Boyden's animations, so I'm gonna add a link to his other works too.
Animated Photo

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Just changed this group's face into Darth Vader. Because nerds and dark side.

Other considerations were Doc Brown (whose face might not be familiar to all), C-3PO, the Doctor from Who and actual Japanese robots.

Suggest an awesomely smart-ish pop culture photo if you dislike the dark side.

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Apparently depressed people make better decisions.

The theory is: decision-making gives depressed people, who don't have control over their environment, a sense of control over something else.

I doubt life decisions count.

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Albino animals.
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Live long and prosper.
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