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Welcome to the community,anybody can make friends here!
I will be typing the rules to keep this community more organized:

1. All Base used OCs MUST be for only trading and giving it away for free unless it has more art without a base
2. All generator used OCs MUST be for free*
3. Don't harass people for "bad art" or anything
It rude and unnecessary.It also makes you look like a jerk and no piece of art is bad.
4. NO Mary Sues/Gary Stus unless they're joke OCs
Why?You can get harassed and most people hate Mary Sues/Gary Stus*
5. DO NOT give destructive criticism
Please give constructive criticism so you don't hurt anyone.
6. DON'T SAY YOUR ART IS "BAD" OR UGLY" (And don't call anything else ugly)
No piece of art is bad,you just need improvement.You'll get better if you try.Plus,ugly doesn't exist in my world.
7. PLEASE don't steal art
It's very disrespectful to artists
8. Don't accuse someone of stealing art
It makes you look like a jerk and it's unnecessary*
9. DO NOT send hate
Like I said,it makes you like a jerk.Also,the world already has way to much hate,even people who don't normally send hate do it without realizing.We don't need anyone to make the hate in this world grow.
I cuss in real life but there's kids on the internet so please don't swear and post sexual content.
11. Don't price commissions and OCs to high
12. DO NOT post on the "MODS AND OWNERS ONLY" category unless you are a mod or owner

If you see someone breaking these rules,please tag me.

Questions that might get asked:
"Can I post requests and commissions?"
Of course you can,there's slots for requests and commissions.
"Is horror and gore aloud?"
"What if I don't want to show my art?"
Then don't,ask someone for a request or pay money for a commission.You don't need to show your art.Or,you can just post your art if your brace enough and ignore hate if you get it.

There will be a strike system.If I catch you breaking a rule,you will get a strike and get temporarily banned.Here's what each strike equals

1 Strike - Banned for a day
2 Strikes - Banned for a week
3 Strikes - Banned for two weeks
4 Strikes - Banned for a month
5 Strikes - Permanently banned until further notice

I WILL be keeping track of Strikes

(Here's a random song you can listen to: )

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Trading her for anything! (Mostly any type of furries,animatronics,animals,and ponies)

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What species should I make my next adoptable?
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Anthro Pony
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Welcome to the community!My name's NightBite,the owner of this community.I, going to be doing a mod sign up since this community will be needing mods.If you'd like to become a mod,you will need to fill out this form below:

1. How many communities are you a moderator of?
2. How many communities have you've been an owner of?
3. Why do you want to be a mod?
4. Why do you think you'll be a great moderator for the community?
5. How active are you here on Google+?
6. How long have you've been in Google+?
7. What do you think about this community?
8. *Do you think people will be able to make friends here?
9. If you see someone breaking the rules,what would you do?

I will open a category for mod sign ups and accepting people who I want to be a moderator and want to be one

(Here's a random song you can listen to: )

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I'm givin' her away for anything!

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Mini raffle!! (I was bored lol)

How to enter:
Comment a number between 1-100
Tag 0-20 friends (Optional)
Comment "MuseIsBored" so i know you read all of this


First place:
2 animations (1 ear twitching 1 blinking)
1 headshot
1 half body

Second place:
1 animation (1 ear twitching)
1 half body

Third place:
1 headshot

Taken numbers: 3, 16, 21, 22, 27, 34, 44, 89

people that may wanna join: +Brownie Swirl +Anime Pony
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Animated Photo
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Trading her for anything!
I might be picky

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I'm hosting a raffle for this eggie!

How do you enter?

1.Comment "Furries rule"
2.Tag about 3 people
4.Be a member of this community
5.1+ this post.

After you do all this,I'll give you your number.


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Free Character Raffle

. All you need to do is comment a number, 1 - 300 and reshare the post.

It will end later tonight. Winner has the closest number or the correct number. I will be using Once you win the design feel free to edit the design as you please.

Base is by JYUSHI on deviantArt, free to use.

Don't correct people on their numbers, I'll do that.

Base link:
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Ok so I'm going to be hosting a raffle for a free custom. I've had many people say they couldn't afford my customs so I thought it be fun to do a raffle to win one. You know?
Ok so here's how to get entered.
1. Reshare ((for extra entry)) ((for the extra entry if you reshare comment a second number))
2. Comment a number between 1-100
I'll pick the winners on Tuesday! There will be 3 winners!

Custom exsamples in the post ((not all ocs are mine but the desines are))
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