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There is a minimum to cussing
No Pron or Hentai
No Copying Other People's Weapon's And Profiles! YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN UNIQUE ONE

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"Sirens are beautiful but deadly, and I'm no exception."
Name: Captain Cora Phasma
Alias/codenames: The Siren of the First Order, The Lady in Chrome, Belle, Miss Cora, Siren, Diva, Queen B*tch
Age: 32
Gender: female
Species/Race: human
Weaponry: blaster, fists, her voice
Force Sensitive?: no
Abilities: markswomanship, strategizing, singing, master temptress
Personality: seductive, cunning, intelligent, calm, sultry, charming, melodic, flirty
Alignment: First Order
Homeworld: unknown
Likes: singing, getting what she wants, flirting with Hux, tea with lemon
Dislikes: traitors, laryngitis
Guilty pleasures: massages, silk kimonos
Biography: Cora Phasma was the belle of her hometown with aspirations on becoming an opera singer. Due to the death of her parents at the hands of the Resistance, she became vengeful and joined the First Order in its early days. Originally starting out as a mere stormtrooper, General Hux promoted her to captain because of her skills (and his infatuation with her). Today, she is making history to be the first lady to command an army of stormtroopers- and she is engaged to General Hux.

Besides her blaster, Phasma considers her voice to be a weapon. Using a technique she invented herself called the "Siren Song", she has killed many Resistance soldiers and lured in new troops. Phasma sings a hauntingly beautiful melody (the Siren Song) that lures her victims to her location. Once they've arrived, she kills them. Because of her enchanting voice and seductive personality, she is known far and wide as the Siren of the First Order.
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Hɛɦ, աɛʟʟ ɨt's ɮɛɛռ a աɦɨʟɛ sɨռċɛ I քօstɛɖ ʄʊռռʏ aɮօʊt staʀ աaʀs. ɮʊt ɨts Cɦʀɨstʍas tɦɛʍɛ ɮʊt whatever

Purchased an obi wan look alike32inch die cast model

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*Reyna was on her way back to Unkar Plutt, When she noticed some storm troopers In the town and they seemed very suspicious. Obviously they were looking for someone.*    

Ok well... um your sign ups DO NOT have to be accepted

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Daddy Is That You?

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Family edit:Han,Chewie,Luke,leia,padme, anakin etc.
Bio:Was born 4 minutes before luke and leia and was also taken to tatooine, just a different location.After losing my family to stormtroopers however, I migrated to luke's house where we found out we were brothers.Then we went on the adventure of a lifetime, and yeah.
Name:Peter Skywalker
Age:whatever age Luke and leia are
Family:Kylo, Luke, Leia, padme, anakin/Vader, Han Silo
Friends:Rey, Finn, obi-wan, etc.
Weapon:A lightsaber mix of Anakin's and Qui-gon

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Leia stood out in the crisp air on the balcony. Her posture assured you that she wasn't happy. You had just woken up and made your way to her. She turned to face you
"What do you want?" she asked with a flicker of annoyance "Shouldn't you be occupying Chewie or something?" After realizing she is annoyed you...

(Han needed)
(Open rp)
(Don't ask)

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Calling over Finn and Rey!
Character: The name says it all.
Han had been pacing back and forth in his space station. What if I never find the Millenium Falcon? It could be anywhere in the Galaxy by now! He is then taken by surprise by this amazing event. A crappy, old, junkyard ship starts to be pulled into the Station. What are the odds? _Holy ranchor, it's the Millenium Falcon! The ship lands on the take-off dock of the station. Chewy runs over cheerfully. Chewy! Look... Look what it is... They both slowly walk up to the ship, only to find that the door is locked. Chewy, fire. Chewbacca fires his crossbow at just the right part if the door, that it unlocks. Nobody knows this ship more than these 2 heroes do! Han runs into the ship, followed by Chewbacca. Chewy, we're home! Han's eyes fall on a young scruffy looking girl and a scared young man...
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