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PLEASE READ BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN! Yeah, I see you, about to scroll down. Please read these before you get banned...

HEYO IT'S BUBBASONG! I'm here to tell you the rules.

GOLDEN RULE: Have fun! This is a WARRIORS community, and nothing else. You may not post any spam or things. This is a WARRIORS community, the title says it!

Rule 1. No advertising...

   It makes me feel like the community is going to run down, and I never had a successful community.

    Ok. Really guys? When younger, I was one and learned from my mistakes. So I came back into G+.


     Respect those who have a higher rank than you. That means mods, owners, and people who have been here earlier than you. You also have to be kind to one another.

Rule 4. RP
  Roleplaying is perfectly accepted, but NO goddmodding! As long as it's like, a death RP, where the other person wants to RP their death, NO KILLING! NO INSTANT MAGIC! What more is there to say?

Rule 5. Contests
   Contests are also perfectly fine! But if your contest is about, like, only YOU and your OC, take note that many people will not join, and you should not get a tantrum if nobody joins.

Mod rule 1. Banning
  Banning is perfectly fine if you have sense. You may NOT ban randomly, or you may not ban a person you might hate. You may only ban somebody who actually broke these rules.

Mod rule 2. Your rank
  You're actually not really "higher" than everybody else. Like a true Clan deputy, you have right to command and all, but you can not brag about your rank and all.

Mod rule 3. Complaining
  If you're a mod, don't complain to be an owner. And if you are not a mod, don't complain to be a mod, or offer crazy things. Mods have their ranks for reasons, you are not allowed to be a mod for nothing.

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