Anyone want to rp. I'll do any kind

I guess I will be the first

you and i had been best friends ever since the second grade. i had always thought you were pretty and cute but when we started to mature a bit more it turned from pretty and cute to beautiful and well still very cute. after a little bit more time during the second semester i started to think that you were extremely hot. you had turned into a fine young woman and i was not the only one who had noticed. you the most popular girl in school and the only person who didn't know that was you. you were completely oblivious, too absorbed into your studies. you had always been the smartest and i had always been up at the top right beside you the reigning queen and the reigning king. ever since we were little we went to each others houses and spent the night. on Mondays you would come to my house and we would play board games and such because my parents and the whole rest of my family had started a gigantic collection of games which i often also contributed to. and on Wednesdays i would go to your house and we would watch movies and TV shows because your family collected movies and CD copies of TV shows. we liked pillow fights as well as tickle fights. you would usually start most of the pillow fights and it was up in the air for the tickle fights. today was a Monday and you had come over to my house. while we were playing a simple card game; golf (because it was the game that i gad drawn out of the bag) my brother came downstairs and teased my about making a move already and made up an outlandish story about hearing me talk to myself every day for the past week about how awesome it would be to just kiss you at least once. i said that it was not true and that he was making everything up because i had pissed him off Saturday by ratting him out (which had actually happened and was probably true) but then he took my phone and showed you my screen saver: a picture of you and me in our bathing suits laughing our asses off over some stupid joke. you were hanging on to me so that you wouldn't fall and you could clearly see cleavage because of the angle. i took the phone away from him but the damage had already been done. you had seen the proof and were now utterly shocked. you had been completely oblivious to this and were now contemplating weather you had walked into the twilight zone because this could not possibly be true. in order to try and repair the damage i say "i only have that because that was the only photo i have of that summer and that was the best summer of my life." what i said was true in some ways; it was the best summer of my life but it was not the only photo i had. i had a bunch of photos of you but that one was the best so i had picket that one to be the screensaver that i looked at every day to see you laughing your ass off with me. the cleavage was just an added bonus that had not been intentional. i looked at you but you weren't buying it. i shoo my brother away but he gets off one last statement "i would be careful around my little bro and i wouldn't sleep in his room anymore. hes a sex crazed maniac and might take advantage" i yelled at him as he left and then turned to you prepared to defend myself but you stop me...
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