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This page is intended to house helpful websites, it can also act as a catch all. Anything that you think may be helpful to other 4th grade educators.

Feel free to add links and comments/ photos of websites that may help us become better teachers.

Where do I start?

New to the group? Feel free to check out other pins, add any expertise you have, or just share a link that has helped you.

Simply click "Share Something" and add a link, comments or a photo then lick post. You can tag places on google maps or even upload a diagram.

Feel free to comment on other posts by licking the comment icon. Or you can share a post to social media by click on the share icon.

This page is intended for ELA centers. Any center that you feel works for 4th grade and integrates differentiation.
We can use this to share ideas and work to better the centers for our students.

Feel free to leave a comment, link, or photo.

This is the differentiation page, posts about differentiation in the classroom are intended to go here.
Any thing that you have done in the classroom to help differentiate, any website that gives helpful organization on differentiated in the classroom, centers that easily differentiate, etc.

Add links, photos, comments etc!

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