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Hello and good day. I am in a sense an up and coming fursuit maker. though I will say that I am not currently open for commission work. But if you are wanting a tail or claws, or something along those lines then I could possibly do something for you. Also for first-time fursuiters offering the option of ready made sets for a starting price of at Least $150. Which will include the head, tail, hand and or feet paws.

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I was wondering how you make a fursuit.
When I was about 15 I had this fursona and I wanted to make it into a reality instead of on paper and digi art...
But all the people who make them are so freaking expencive.
I mean... 4 thousand for one little fur suit.
Yeah I know the materials and all cost a lot... and you make a profit off of it but this is completely crazy!
The cheapest I could find was 1 thousand....
Pls halp...
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