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Hi Guys, a new Beta app is up in Play store for testing. This latest build uses CAPI V2 and everything else that didn't go out with the last release(s). Happy Testing.

 I have a few users complain that the application is asking for account login while device is offline or switched to 'airline mode'. Is there a workaround for users to access (cached) content while offline? 

Aus Android app - User reporting the 'Smart Flow' featuer of the DPE pressreader is not working. User taps the 'blue' headline of the DPE to launch the smart flow reader. Smart flow shows blank page with 'optimizing' dialogue. This hangs and does not progress to show the article. I've replicated the error. Is this a known fault, is there a work-around? 

We have a new beta uploaded for The Australian that we will be testing for the next couple of days.
Main things fixed is the crashes on Android 4.0. It should available within a couple of hours (if you opted in to the Beta builds, if you haven't use the link below).

I have a user unable to load the current version of the app, I've got a log cat on my google drive if anyone is keen?

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The application has just been published to the market! We will continue to release the latest features on the beta list. 

I have just subscribed and have downloaded the V3.0 app onto my Samsung Note 8 tablet, and my Samsung S2 phone - all OK there and works well (looks great by the way). However, I am having trouble putting it on my wife's tablet (an original Galaxy Tab) and her Samsung Note 3 phone. We would both like to be able to read The Australian at the same time on our tablets or phones.
I have used my gmail logon and her gmail logon to join the community, but I am getting messages like:
"We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server"

Any advice please?

It downloads and installs correctly on my phone, but on my tablet I get the error "duplicate provider authority"

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Initial impressions are very, very good. Adjustable font size and full electronic access to the print edition,  and the magazines that come with the print edition. Navigation is very simple and in the print editions, the standard 'pinch' resizing is also available. Pinch resizing is not available in the main application, however the font size can be set very easily via the settings menu.
Access to past editions is also very welcome, and I could see the last five days' worth of editions. What really blew me away is the text to speech option which is clearly a boon for the sight impaired. There are many occasions where this function would be useful to people who for whatever reason aren't in a position to 'read' the text.
Back to the main application, the visual interface is a lot cleaner now with the various sections of the paper no longer presented underneath the 'The Australian' banner. I think for devices smaller than a tablet (phones and 'phablets*'), this is an improvement. The sections can be accessed through the menu option immediately to the left of the the banner. Those using tablets may miss the one touch navigation to get to these sections. You can also switch between articles and from one section to the next by swiping left or right, but there is no visual queue to indicate whether you've transitioned from 'The Front' to 'Commentary' (Opinion) for example. Some sort of dynamic section update in the banner frame to show you where you are would be helpful.
The previous version had some issues with updates occasionally not working properly, but I have not experienced this recently, or with the new version. 
As tested I'd be hard pressed not to give this five stars based on first impressions.
(*Tested on a Samsung Note 2)

I tried following the link, in the "About this community" and I get:

We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.
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