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Wow You've Been Viewing +The Arminator​'s Community! Click Here For The Introduction 'bout this Community

+The Arminator​ is The Owner Of The Community He Is Nice And Kind He Make GFX and Plays Minecraft and Start G+ With The Name "Jonathan Kang"

+Curtis Craft​ is The First Co Owner In This Community He Plays Minecraft and Make Mods for MCPE He Also Love Pokemon

+Divante Howes​ Makes Pixel Arts Loves Friends Friendly Loves Slime And Loves Sonic

+Dohun Lee​ He Is Kind He Owns A Nintendo Gameboy and Nintendo DS He Loves Pokemon and Also Playz Minecraft And Runs A YouTube Channel

+Icey​ is Me I Luv Technology I'm 11 Years Old That Owns a Nintendo 3DS and PS3 and Plays Games Like Minecraft PC and PE and PS3 Also I Play Five Nights at Freddy's and Really Love To Play Pokemon and My First Game Mario

The Community is Made in The Middle of July and Started The Name "MCPE Universe"

That's All For This Conversation Good Bye!

Anyone even active on here?

RIP this community, will be remembered. 😂

Hi i am new in this team and nice to meet you!!!

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+ArminatorDesigns - Retired​ who wants a intro

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You see me everywhere. On rooftops, streets, in trees, everywhere. You think you've seen me, but to be honest, you haven't seen nothing. Now i apear in your dreams, protecting you from the devils. But you did not know it. Well now i wanna say something. Wake up and believe in the 4SS4SS1N, 1 4M TH3 4SS4SS1N 4ND 1 4M H3R3 F0R Y0U 4LL!!!!!!!!!!

What do you like in minecraft pocket edition?

survival & adventure with friends.

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First 10 players to join get free PIE!!!!!

im doing a render giveway because why not so comment why you should win and give a link to your skin
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