Okay so beginning in humans the next stage of life....??!!?. I I am an altruistic thinker. What is meant for my purpose of being here right now on this Earth is to connect and be the connector for people and of people in a compassionate selflessness of pure intentions of honest integrity. What I believe is our God, Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit, we have been prepared and are being prep 4 the greater cause of Good and Evil? Or rather than the final outcome of who is the prevailing winner. I beseech and beckon for those with courage and faith to join me and walk together creating a strong uniting Shield. Thanks and have a great day!!

If the Majority of human kind keep turning a blind eye, then we will have won and lost the war...both at the same time....as we hunger for change...we learn what is entirely at risk, it is our whole state of being

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Let's speak on this problem
The world is coming close to its level cap
Turns out I was wrong about the human population cap thinking of 8 trillion not 8 billion so this is kinds of bad

Hello everyone is this a community that speaks about world problems
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