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Cast a Vote Here Bull or Bear for Bend Over Banksy

"Bend Over Banksy," Nicknamed by Feud? Named No Balls, because he doesnt want to play? He apparently did at Dismaland, his claimed creation. Reguardless undisputably what anyone has to say he has his fans, many of them! A recent trip to NYC displayed many street art vendors, replicating similar works, Banksy inspires, and like a modern Carmon Santiago there is much mystery, kind of like a saying from and old favorite movie Boiler Room, "Motion Creates Emotion." Our friend Banksy has said to be in the crowds like Where’s Waldo, a slippery tyrant graffiti artist from Britten. Banksy to date, its unclear to me, but some may believe he is elusive, known for his signature, picking his works public display locations for himself; or so the story is told. “Believe nothing you hear and half of what is seen,” I haven’t seen any Banksy statements, transcripts or anything official, so who really knows, enlighten me! Banksy seems to do all right having support for his Dismaland, being able to travel rebelliously, staying off the radars keeping his truths very close to himself. Banksy street art has the law stirred up over his community examples. Not only wanted by the law there’s alleged street feuds. However, many admire Banksy's works on the contrary, I believe it is the elusive image of Banksy himself as thus far he's been a mystery to most leaving many to wonder oh, what does he look like, and resorting to the Google engine, Elusiveness, is that’s what’s so captivating to his fans? However, many don't seem to mind his murals he must leave a sense of being for many, an exhilarating feeling, being visited by Banksy to the ordinary folks. As of this Easter Sunday 3-27-2016 I’m not convinced Banksy not the Easter Bunny! Did anyone get a chocolate bunny from an elusive rabbit, yet to be seen? It must be difficult writing a bio of truths when one is not known to even exist. To many that bio would equate to dog shit, what does anyone with certainty know about Banksy other then hes I think safe to call legend, I don't know if Banksy was born, much less alive. We hear a story much like a tale with out any backbone behind any of the statements we read. Who is that bunny rabbit?

Now here is a quote from daily mail below. Hmm.. I think the bunny rabbit is Banksy it all starting to make sense, from an art lover perspective it is a interesting follow through, but the collector spirit side of me make me wonder who's doing all the work. It would seem to take many bunny rabbits.

"Sotheby's host biggest ever sale of Banksy's work (including his famous piece about an auction called I Can't Believe You Morons Actually Buy This S***)"

Now at the following link there a video with a chick that sounds like she choking on her word as she give the Banksy sales pitch, making the comment with everything we know. Which is??? There was know explanation to whats known except see the title Banksy, S/2 (Sothebys), review: 'one gag after another' This is some Joker "Bend Over Banksy" The oh, ha a true artistic Master that's going to to take many on a nice long ride. Notice all this art on sale, and as popular as the story is for only 500k! Do some research on modern art, he's the most searched artist, why are these sales coming along so fast!! Because, hes Bend Over Banksy possibly? I wouldn't be surprised if there some future tricks coming right out of the same hat, in other words I believed there's news to be said in the future, and because of that Sotheby's wont no longer want anything to do with his sales .I don't think it's a bunny, Its a rat!! There two logical points to this madness, there's been statements projected that the character Banksy doesn't like his works sold, view this Forbes link. Banksy has not come forward showing pride in his works as an artist, and speculators are buying without any real documentation to any facts, so they cant cry later when shit hits the fan, and people see that they really bought a sticking rat! "Okay lets play a game, the bulls and the bears!! Comments can be left with each individual status either being a bull or bear from each owns perspective, on any market For better definition on the stock lingo click here. Voice each opinion and thought I hope to have some engagement on this specific topic.
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