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3 compelling reasons for anyone to establish a firm presence on #GooglePlus.
Let’s get it right; Google plus has 500M+ account and over 343M+ active users and that’s only in its 2 years of existence. The early adopters have swiftly embraced the platform and are amassing a lot of followers and building their social clout. We saw it with Twitter, we will see it on Google+, the early adopters always have the advantage.

But what differentiates Google Plus from the other social network platforms?

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1. Integration

Google+, as we defined here, is the social spine of all the other Google's online properties. And by continuously integrating to the other products (Google Search, GMail, YouTube et al) it brings with it the power of identity, relationships and sharing. This has ultimately improved the user's online experience - providing a one stop experience. For instance, content published publicly on Google+ is indexed just like any other webpage and subsequently shown on Google+ Search.

2. Stand-out Features

Circles - reduce information clutter by adding your connections to particular Circles such as Friends, News, Music, Workmates. Google+ gives you total authority over who you share with.

Communities - this feature allow you to discover other people within your spheres of interest. On Google+, there are lots of Public, Invite-only and Private Communities all on various and diverse topics from techie stuff to making cupcakes. Unlike Facebook Groups, here businesses can also join a Community and interact with customers and prospects.

Hangouts on Air - an outstanding video call feature embedded on the platform. It gives you, the user, the ability to chat up to unlimited number of people anywhere in the world and if need be, broadcast publicly to the world through YouTube, Google+ itself and any other web property.

3. No Intrusive Social Ads

You've noticed it, everyone has noticed it...there have been a notorious proliferation of Ads on Facebook. On the right column, right in the middle of your news feed, Mark Zuckerberg and team are not relenting in their quest to turn and sustain Facebook as a billion dollar empire. And even recently, Hong Ge, a manager in charge of ads admitted that "Its Ads are too Annoying to the users".

Well, here's the good news, Google Plus doesn't show Ads and Google doesn't intend to change that. A social network should remain as its - a social place where people connect and share information around their topics of interest. Ads on social platforms are quite like bus preachers, we don't like them because they do it in the wrong place!

In sum, we all know Google has the ability to turn the ordinary to extra-ordinary, and with Google Plus the famous search engine has superbly done so!

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Developing rich social experiences and fruitful relationships is what good online engagement is all about! With Google+, one size does not fit all — there are communities to discuss all kinds of topics, industries, hobbies and interests — with highly-focused conversation. #GooglePlusDaily   

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Without great traffic to your #blog site, your posts will not be get read, regardless of the quality of your articles. Google+ has massive opportunities to promote your blog, and drive traffic to it.
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Gain a lot of mileage and portability with Google+ for mobile. #GooglePlusEvangelists  

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Google+ Communities provide a way to connect with people who share your interests. Learn how to get started!

Why Bother?  Why Should You Care About Google+?

I will mention just two things, since we just getting started.

1) SEO benefit - Google scrolls all the content you post on your G+ profiles and on G+ pages, so long as you share "publicly". This offers you as a web user more visibility and higher search results ranking.

Additionally, with Google+ you can connect your profile to your blog and/or news site you contribute to and have your visual profile show up in SER. Learn more of that here:

2) Global communication - with hangouts (which is basically real-time video calls with up to 10 people) you are able to bring conversations to life. Do you've a friend (or a bunch of friends) across the globe you'd like to engage in a more intuitive way? Are you a broadcaster looking to involve the audience in the news making? Or a leader in need to connect with the people? If yes, then Google+ Hangouts is what you NEED. It's plug and play and available for free. 

in conclusion, this community's agenda is to get the masses to see the value proposition in establishing an active presence on Google+. Now, do you want in? 
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