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Alias: the wolverine aka the iron wolverine (Second)
Name: Jayke Hawk -howlett
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human (American)
Appearance: Short Brown Hair, blue Eyes (Picture Below)
Family: +james howlett ​​​​​​ ​​(Father) +jean Grey ​​​​ ​ ( Mother), Sandra hawke ( step Mother)
Affiliations: Arrow Family (james howlett and jean Grey , captain Steve Jr Rogers , Tony Stark , x 23), Justice League, The Team
Alliance: Lawful Good


Archery:  Extraordinary archer, a student of the Kyudo discipline, though not as proficient as his father.

Martial Arts: jayke is also a martial arts master and is able to duplicate the skill of others. Jayke has been trained in Japanese martial arts and is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. Has been trained in blind fighting.

Aikido: Through Aikido, jayke's dexterity and strength comes from the suppleness in his practice which uses a rhythmic good posture, perception, and coordination. With Aikido, jayke hawke Queen uses an opponent's force by bringing it into his own circle, neutralizing aggressive action by gaining control of the attacker 


Trick Arrows: jayke began using only wood arrows, however, after a while he found the utility of using trick arrows and a sword from Camelot .


Accelerated Healing: 
Enhanced Durability: 
The wolverine claws from my dad

Jayke Hawk howlett is the son of +james howlett ​ ​and +Jean Grey As a child he was picked on because of his mixed heritage (1/4 Korean, 1/4 African American, 1/2 Caucasian). Jayke had a volatile temper and had often fought back while his mother was unsure what to do with him. The only legacy he carried was what his mother had told him about his father, the hero known as the the wolverine . She let him know that he was the illegitimate son of James howlett and that she had loved his father.

Jayke kept and read everything he could about his father. His single mother, "Moonday" had to find work and had difficulty raising jayke. Because of jayke's problems in school, jayke's mother decided to sign the papers allowing Oliver to attend the same monastery that jayke fled to for a brief time years before called the Ashram Monastery.

Through his schooling and training at the monastery, jayke hawke howlett spent all his efforts in becoming a student of Zen Buddhist philosophy, a master of Aikido, and a Kyudo archer. Still, as he tried to put all worldly thoughts out of his head, he still had a secret passion being a fan of his father's exploits. After they met, he became the Second wolverine .


Jayke hawke howlett became the iron wolverine sometime in 2009. He went throw a 18 months training before that. +Sandy Hawke​​​​​​​ and +james howlett ​​ dated before he start his training as The the iron wolverine . 

BIO: Hi my name is jayke hawke howlett i have been on the island for 2 years came back to do one thing and I been training for one thing only, save the the people  of starling city and After five years in hell, I have come home with only one goal. to save my city. And save my My rp mom and dad +james howlett and +jean Grey I will always love my dad james howlett and my mom is +jean Grey ​ ​​​and i love them very much  I AM THE IRON WOLVERINE
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