Just started listening!!!!! On 17....fantastic show!!!

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I can't even explain how great of a podcast S&S is, Mike Boudet tells each story in a unique and professional way that really helps you understand all sides of the stories and includes original audio and 911 calls. S&S really takes it to the next level of true crime stories. 12/10

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I just want to say that I'm hook, sword & scale is the best true crime podcast. I'm a truck driver and listening to sword and scale while I'm on the road makes my day go by so much faster, so thank you Mike.

I'm a total addict. Excellent podcast

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Only discovered this podcast a couple of weeks ago and I've binged them all. Love love love them and impatiently awaiting next episode. Keep up the great work

I can't get enough of this Podcast!!!

This is my new favourite podcast. So good!!
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