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If you are struggling to make sense of your website traffic due to spammy referrals, read this handy guide that will help you clean up Google Analytics.

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Please pop over here and vote up my request / suggestion. You never know, they might actually listen, although this is extremely unlikely. But worth a punt all the same. Thank you

"Along side the manual penalty notices, a message to say whether or not an algorithmic penalty is applied to a website, and if so, what type of penalty and what action might help resolve it."

Is the UK cookie law still in effect? I hear confusing information on there and some website have a cookie policy and some don't. Can anyone enlighten me? 

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If you use Google AdSense for revenue, Google Chrome on Android and iOS devices is effectively killing your revenue. Some examples and details in this post: would be good to get support.

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.uk domains available from today.  Anyone getting one? I think that we will, just so that we can have an even shorter domain : 
Shorter UK domain names available from today
UK individuals and organisations can, from today, register for the new shorter .uk domains.  is being offered first to the holders of the corresponding name .  These will be reserved for 5 years after which they will go on general sale.
Some people have suggested that .uk domains will cause additional confusion to end users, by Nominet says that the change will bring the UK namespace in line with other countries.
.uk domains can be run alongside existing domains and cost the same to register as a name.

What is the best domain TLD for a UK childcare nursery? Got a client.

They currently have had 3 domains registered, but control none.

The and .com are registered with an accountant who is for some reason hording domains and ignoring them (we are investigating the nominet route for the

The is registered by their previous web designer, who was a parent from the nursery but is now AWOL. 

I suggested that they registered the .org domain as it is available and we might have to use that.

Domain status: and .com are both blank pages. is poorly indexed - a company name search only brings it up for one internal page with download docs (Website was built on Flash)

As I control its best links (local news portals) a domain change to .org would be easiest and probably most effective. Although the old Flash site might remain for a while. 

What is the best thing to do?

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One for the online marketers. This is great
Hi all,

Here is a #funnyvideo  named : the marketers' anthem. A mix between #truestory  and #humour .

What do #marketers  think of it? They might at least laugh a bit, as we did :-) !

Have a nice day !

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The bbc has good news for uk online retailers and is reporting a 16% increase in online Christmas spending.

Judging by the parcels being delivered to our office, Amazon is the big winner (again). Anyone seeing similar improvements in independent online stores?

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Hi there
Delighted to see a UK community here on G+ and looking forward to sharing and learning with you all.  
I'm an Account Director with a web marketing agency based just south of Guildford, Surrey.  My particular area of interest is social SEO and content marketing, but I've also been sidetracked recently by mobile optimisation.  
Anyone else find that keeping up with all internet news and latest thinking can be a full time job?  
Anyway, thought I'd share something with you to start... hope it's useful (and if you've seen it before, ignore).
Kind regards

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Another last minute event opportunity here (can you tell that we're playing catch up?):

The Digital Marketing Show

Standard tickets are free, VIP tickets from £25 with 50% of ticket price going to support #Movember  

The event is at Excel Campus, London Tuesdsay to Thursday this week.

There is a speaker line up across the three days including speakers from +RealWire  Facebook  +Ektron  +100% Open +ResponseTap  +Majestic SEO  +Distilled  +Google +theMediaFlow +IBM +Adobe +SapientNitro   (there are loads... too many to tag!)
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