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On a scale of 1-5 how much do you like Minecraft?
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I HATE IT!!!!!
ITS BAD!!!!!
Its okay
Its pretty good
ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And i also thought iI would tell you guys a litlebit about the game Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sanboxgame wich brings learning, cooperation and creativity together in a very special way.

There are 4 gamemodes in Minecraft

1. Survival
2. Creative

You can host realms and servers that you and your friends can play online on.

This helps especialy kids to improve in communication and problemsolving together with others.

You can also have singleplayer worlds that your friends can play on if they are on the same network.

There is a limitles amount of stuff you can do and make in the gamke Minecraft.

You can fore example build castles, houses, statues, contraptions, curcuits and much much much more.

The game was first released the 17th of may 2009.

In the gamemode Survival the objective is to find materials and components to craft things, you can also fight mobs and different players aka PVP.
You can of course do much more butt these are the main things you do.

The gamemode creatives objective is to build different structures, things, curcuits and much more.

Those where 10 facts about the game Minecraft.

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Hello guys hope you have liked it so far.

Today i thought i would put up a schedule fore this communit.


11 of june to August Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

August to late october Saturday and Sunday.

Reading and responding to comments and mails:

Thursday all year.

I will ofcourse not be able to always follow my schedule but i will try my best.

Please comment if you want me to make any changes on the communtiy or the schedule.


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No more time today :(

Guys that is unfortunatly what I hade time fore today butt there will be a few more posts on Wednesday on this page butt on Saturday and Sunday we will start with the next page of this community.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the futige that i have posted today and please comment what you want to se next.
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