For a long time, Sanctuary's default region was "Eld". When var regions came along, I left it as the default region, because people coming from older code needed a legacy-sized region to land in, before TPing to the new "Eld2" (a 3x3 var), where I had moved all the gates.

Today, I have taken the original "Eld" offline and set "Eld2" as the new default landing region, complete with a much nicer landing spot, that that ugly old room in "Eld". :)

Sanctuary will be down for a few hours, starting at 2:00 PM Eastern, for maintenance:

1) Apply updates to XenServer 7.2 on the two physical servers.
2) Add Docker support to XenServer.
3) Reconfigure iSCSI multi-pathing (now that it works again) in XenServer.
4) Apply RHEL 7 operating system updates to the thirteen Sanctuary VMs.
5) Replace motherboard in storage array #2.
6) Apply FreeNAS 11 operating system updates to the three storage arrays.

So, now I'm trying HAPROXY, instead ...

Are the Facklerland and Spellscape grids gone?

+Leighton Marjoram, what's the current address for Lighthouse Point?

Question: Is the grid name "Outworldz" or "Phaze Demesnes"?

ProxySQL is supposed to be the MySQL proxy. But I'll be damned if I can make OpenSim work right with it. I really don't know if it's ProxySQL's fault or OpenSim's, but it's driving me nuts.

Now I'm down to using tcpdump & Wireshark, to try to figure out what in the Hell is going on. :(

Is Selea Core's grid gone?

All gates in the Eld2 "West" and "East" collections have been validated.

The central air in my home has failed. To reduce the heat load, I have shut down 50% of Sanctuary. These were all empty (or nearly so) regions, that I've been considering reclaiming anyway, so it's really not a big deal. The reduced footprint did let me consolidate the grid onto one server, so I could shut the other one off, for now. I was also able to turn off one of the storage arrays.

My central air was installed about 30 years ago. I'm going to have it replaced, rather than repaired. But that's going to take me a while, as I need to save up for it. In the meantime, I'm picking up a couple window units to (hopefully) keep the house reasonably comfortable.
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